Brexit Phase Two - Trade

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If we want access to the various agencies (and we do) we will continue to pay.
round and round we go. WE don't actually know what agencies we will need. We are TOLD we need them but not why and if or why The EU needs to be involved. Now I note that the car industry is threatening to do what's necessary if they don't get "frictionless" trade. Ford are at it again as they were in the 70's and eighties, except then we hadn't been asset stripped by the Yanks and the Germans, Do they honestly believe that Japan won't fill the gap? Oh and the relative EU agency obviously didn't bother much about dieselgate. So there'll be a massive contraction of diesel manufacture anyway. This of course is nothing to do with Brexit, the motor industry will do what it does anyway, so their stance is effectively "grease our palms".
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