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Theresa May is a National humiliation! Apart from Jeremy Corbyn I cannot imagine a worse leader has ever existed in UK history. To see such a gormless, arrogant, thick, pillock being led by the nose by Olly Robbins to subjugate the country to the EU despite the vast majority of her own country - including the opposition and Remain pressure groups, telling her, her plan is a crock!! Even her dress code and feeble attempts to look powerful by wearing a horrible shade of orange/red is embarrassing. For gods sake Theresa either step down or step up but enough already with this weak pathetic simpering!! - Oh, and get on stage and tell Macron, that Irish bellend and the pipsqueak Maltese to STFP!!! - you will be pleasantly surprised at the support you receive if you actually show a bit of spine!
When I listen to what’s going on in Ireland and the fact that Southern Ireland has no say in its own sovereignty or control of its own borders I’m amazed there isn’t hell on about the Lisbon treaty. Blair wants hanging for what he did to this country - he had no mandate to give up sovereignty to Europe. I’m amazed more of a fuss isn’t being made about it by the brexiteers - it illustrates perfectly why we needed to get out
There was hell on about it, it was called the EU constitution and Ireland voted against it. The EU didn't like that and they were told to have another referendum and quelle surprise they voted for it, it was then dressed up to be the Lisbon treaty-which is of course why there's now a call for a second referendum. Brown knew the score when he refused to sign Lisbon initially. Blair pulled a stunt straight out of "1066 and all that" when he called for devolution.
The Bit where Ceasar Lands says "Vene ,vidi, Vici" and the Brits go -oh all right then, thinking they already been divided. The point being that the three devolved Governments are all nationalist and being "Ikkle" in comparison to England they want control. Scotland as much as said so. "How do we control England". The answer came from the EU when they proposed splitting England into Regions and two jags got told to get on his bike.
The eu are about to be reminded that the UK are not like other countries in EUrope.

Set your phasers to 'fight and win' lads.

As for the eu. Might be a good idea for the ten remaining net contributor countries to check their exposure...

And prepare to add Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Spain to the 'hardly get any thing's list if not the net contributor list.

or they could lop a couple of billion off Poland's handout, and no more than a billion each off the next countries. That'd probably get them up to about Lithuania. Or reduce the net recipient countries to the bottom 8 only, by taking up to a billion off all recipients.

or loo 500 million (upto) off everyone, Yay!

there's going to be a realisation, I predict November, when a deal is seen to be very desirable.

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UK? Go and look at MFID2 as a starter for 10 and come back when you understand what you are talking about and can have an informed conversation. MFID is just one of many sets of regulation - its about financial governance and controls rather than pure regulation

You’re looking for it’s accompanying Regulation, MiFIR.
Best take money with you then - it’s a cash economy as italy’s HMRC takes VAT up front in an annual payment based on their estimate of what you owe and because business haven’t got the cash flow to pay, they go to the banks to borrow and the banks won’t lend them the cash........ so no one does business other than by cash, so the Italian HMRC can’t find out what their real turnover is, and round they go in circles....

I was talking to an Italian lad 2 nights ago about why italy is in the shit and he told me how their economy works. See above!!
Oh I know, I have family there. Cash is King, even house sales are done with cases of Euros.
By law, you have to get a receipt for everything you buy, sure enough, cash, usually no till receipt and a much better price,.
The eu are about to be reminded that the UK are not like other countries in EUrope.

Nearly two generations of ‘we are all Europeans’ brainwashing has convinced Generation Snowflake that they’re ‘euripean’.... the British aren’t, they still remain a resolutely insular and bloody minded island race.
We Brits love a 'dark hour'.

Break out the full English with a good strong pot of tea.

We've got some fighting and winning to get in before a good pint in the pub tonight.
And back home in time for tea and medals :)
Nearly two generations of ‘we are all Europeans’ brainwashing has convinced Generation Snowflake that they’re ‘euripean’.... the British aren’t, they still remain a resolutely insular and bloody minded island race.
It might as well to point out that being insular has all to do with living on an Island. Every group in this country came from the continent, they have had to adapt to Island living, that does not mean they forget their continental origins. It's the Island that changes people, people do not change the Island. Continentals have no concept of insularity except perhaps the Swiss and they don't do things the same way either.
Morning all.
Off to a meeting this morning where amongst others I hope to have a chat with Moy Parks transport manager.
I’m very interested to see his take on Ireland and moy’s Buisness plans.
Will share tomorrow if interesting.


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Another piece from the Guardian which does not exactly paint the EU in a good light

Brexit: May humiliated by Salzburg ambush as she fights to save Chequers

Is the Guardian in the process of changing their allegiance? That article could have been a Daily Express one which would have brought the Remainers frothing to the keyboard.

The article is of course accurate and no doubt it won't be long before TG are printing articles that point out the EU are in the process of punishing the UK for leaving the Borg rather than negotiating a withdrawal agreement! ;)

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