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Brexit Phase Two - Trade


Book Reviewer
I thought Checkers was what the Americans called Draughts.

How wrong I have been.
The champagne industry were blaming a fall in champagne sales down to brexit not too long ago......ignoring the fact that champagne sales have been gradually losing out to Presseco for some time.

Although this industry piece from March may throw some light into the issue.

UK could be reaching ‘peak Prosecco’ as sales rise by lowest levels in six years

I see the alcopop ‘hooch’ is back on the shelves.

Brexit related maybe?
Leaving the EU will be wonderful. The grief is all emanating from the politicians who are, on both sides, making a complete horlicks of everything.
Can’t disagree there. It’s going to be one running cluster after another. Problem is we forgot about the other side, busy little planning bees they have been while we have been pissing about. Who fault is it ? Fact is it no longer matters. EU are firmly in the driving seat.
I’m sure you are a lovely bloke but you are also clueless
No manners then? Banker cracked on about MFID2 quite a lot during the referendum threads.

So are you telling me that it isn't a EU directive and that we'll not comply or that it is and we will or any combination you choose?
She will have eat humble pie, whichever way she turns now. She may opt to resign.
Could have been her plan all along...doubt it though. She'll make them take her crown.
When I listen to what’s going on in Ireland and the fact that Southern Ireland has no say in its own sovereignty or control of its own borders I’m amazed there isn’t hell on about th Lisbon treaty. Blair wants hanging for what he did to this country - he had no mandate to give up sovereignty to Europe. I’m amazed more of a fuss isn’t being made about it by the brexiteers - it illustrates perfectly why we needed to get out
And you say that I don't have a clue.

Have you spoken to the people of Ireland about their lack of sovereignty lately? If they felt oppressed they'd let the EU know, as they did us.
actually a cr*p deal could be the fault of those who wanted to stay. Some of them have been a little Machiavellian.
Nope, a crap deal would be the result of all of cards being crap and the gullible believing fibbers and bluffers.
Trying to locate twitters from somebody in Islington andorrtending their ‘opinion’ carry’s some weight even though they’ve been found to be way off the mark most times.
I can't find anything, it's all covered in lies...
And you say that I don't have a clue.

Have you spoken to the people of Ireland about their lack of sovereignty lately? If they felt oppressed they'd let the EU know, as they did us.
What you mean their opinions would be respected in a referendum?
People of Brexitland, fear not!
As a still freely moving EUropean Citizen with no duty free restrictions, I can bring back supplies to you when I’m next in Italy.
Best take money with you then - it’s a cash economy as italy’s HMRC takes VAT up front in an annual payment based on their estimate of what you owe and because business haven’t got the cash flow to pay, they go to the banks to borrow and the banks won’t lend them the cash........ so no one does business other than by cash, so the Italian HMRC can’t find out what their real turnover is, and round they go in circles....

I was talking to an Italian lad 2 nights ago about why italy is in the shit and he told me how their economy works. See above!!

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