Brexit Phase Two - Trade

I am indebted, now about the original thought that you're having difficulty with. Where is it?
See above, I'm not here to do your work for you- I've posted plenty, often ignored, only for people to be whining when it comes round.
Another one fantasising about EU collapse to justify unparalleled stupidity and self harm.

It'll collapse any day now, right?
Not sure it will collapse but the dynamic will certainly change. For good or ill: too early to tell!

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There is a reason why foreign companies are not moving their manufacturing ops from the UK still. Can remainers guess why?
Because they are waiting to see what actually comes out of this idiotic dance? Businesses, especially, capital and manpower intensive manufacturing types, don't up the sticks and leave willy nilly before have a better idea of what's actually going to happen. Which, they don't, currently.
The leading article in the Times this morning is stating PMTM "advisors" (I'd use that term losely) are planning possible GE in November.

Can they be that stupid????

Theresa May’s team plot snap election to save Brexit

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Well, the last snap election called by PMTM on the advice of her experts went so well, what could possibly go wrong a 2nd time?!? So much for 5 year fixed term 'strong and stable' government, introduced by a Conservative government!


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Call me cynical (to be fair it would be one of the nicest things said about ne, on here) but 86% of Labour members want another vote! I would like to see where and how that question was asked as I doubt anywhere near 86% of Labour voters want to rerun the referendum, which a second vote would do.

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