Brexit Phase Two - Trade

It would appear that the remain voters have been touched in a special place over the last 24 hours.
Stand by for a lot of lickspital dripping.
Cheers champ. How long until you start whining about ad hom attacks?
The worst case that I have seen recently was the very French cast iron enamel cooking pots with lids, they come in sets and are called 'Crueset' They are really very expensive and cost about £185 for a small pot from the French company. I watched these being made in Boading Hebei China, last year. The pots have the name 'Crueset' and 'Made in France' stamped into the cast iron by the Chinese. Bloody French Liars, no wonder they shy away from playing the game of Cricket!!
So if you want the authentic goods, make sure they're labelled 'Le Creuset' rather than some dodgy rip-off 'Crueset' ironmongery being sold at discount prices at street markets and apparently by whatever company @overopensights works for. If you can't read the label correctly to determine that you're buying fake goods, you deserve to be ripped off. Anyone want to buy a Rollex?
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You're not from around here, are you!
Cheers Edward, always nice to hear from the arrse member for Royston Vasey.

Which sums up this thread, The League of Little Brtian...

A local country for local people but the computer says no.
So if you want the authentic goods, make sure they're labelled 'Le Creuset' rather than some dodgy rip-off 'Crueset' ironmongery being sold at discount prices at markets and by whatever comp[any @overopensights works for. If you can't read the label correctly, you deserve to be ripped off.
Yup - there's still a Le Creuset foundry that produces the cast iron ware in France. Most of the other products are produced in other countries.
So they can discard some of their rules to make a good brexit.
Once again, you want someone else to do the hard work. Why should the EU disadvantage itself to sort out a bunch of do nothing whiners?

Come on, this is the easiest thing in the world said some.
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I fine. Going to the pub later. Cheers for asking though!

I applaud your free thinking. It's great being in a democracy where you can! You carry on. I don't agree with you, but it's your right to spout it.

I don't believe in global deregulation. It makes the world a safer place in aviation for a start. And even outside the EU, there's no reason for it to stop.

Trade is trade. Business is business. Money is money. And the EU wish to put a spanner in it for the UK because 51% of the Brexit voters don't agree with the EU running other countries affairs.
That's because they are not democratic, but plastic dictators.
We (the world) are not grown up enough and ready for a United States of Europe.

Britain has tested the democratic right to leave, and the EU is trying to punish Britain.

As for sat on my backside, you are right for today and tomorrow. It's the weekend.
But in real life, I'm a degree edumacted engineer who works with forward thinking companies. I want to work with the EU. Not in it.
Sweet baby jebus there's some whining there.

Did they miss out analysis on your degree course?
Nor is a certain Mod jumping in to white knight a Remainer. You could just have confirmed that the person posting in the same manner as Baggie is not Baggie. Oh no, you had to have a dig.

Anyway, as has been established, Medic_cnut22 is posting like Baggie so when do the RoPs get awarded, followed by ban?
Is that an ad hom against anew member because you don't like what they say?
The EU team is surging in coordination with Blair, Clegg and Sorros.
Do I owe you about 3 gazillion "old's" Andy? You have have about five posts which you repeat by shifting the words around.
Ahem....plenty on here pushed this pish at me
I’m sure you are a lovely bloke but you are also clueless
You know not of what you speak.

You do know the difference between a directive and a regulation, right? Because it seems like you’re chopsing off about others being dim, whilst being incorrect yourself.
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This thread should be renamed the @Graculus thread
There's so much pish to respond to. Bet you I'm not the highest count poster over the pas 48 hours. Let alone going into word count.

Thanks for playing though, I was fffffFramed....
Gen Dit: Had a conversation with another season ticket holder I sit next to down the Rec this afternoon at half time against Northampton;
Me; So what do you think of the current situation with Brexit?
Him; It's a disaster, I'm in the Wine import business have been all my life. We've ( him and his wife) always been Europeans at heart. We are seriously thinking of jacking the whole thing in and shutting the business down.
Me; You don't you import wines from elsewhere in the World then... Chile, South Africa, Oz?
Him: No. Just Italy.
Me: So how much do you reckon your going to have to add under WTO for Tariffs?
Him: No idea! ( He's got no idea what the WTO tariff is, but he's decided It'll end his business! Huh?)…..
Me: I shouldn't think it would be too much. I've always thought across the board that Italian wines were quite competitive anyway, when compared to other European and world wines.
Him: Oh we don't import £6-£9.00 bottles of plonk. We taste, source and buy fine wines from Italy for Waitrose. You know, £25 and up? ( No, I don't know £25 bottles of wine...£6 tops!)
Me: So if the tariff's say 10% and your £25 Bottle becomes say £27.50 ish, the sort of people who spend that amount on a bottle of wine are going to bulk at the addition of a couple of quid are they..... or do you expect rich people to become extinct in this country after Brexit?

He's not speaking to me anymore. He's got the project fear worm in his ear.
I have a nephew who is in the wine business. I happen to have him as a "friend" on Facebook.

He recently posted a link to enable folks to click on a location in UK to reveal how much the EU had "invested" in that part of the world.

I asked him (online) where the money came from.

He said from national contributions. So far so good. He then went on to declare that the UK received more than it paid in.

In the politest way I posted some figures from the ONS

Ha, he responded, but that figure (£8.9Bn or somesuch) did not include money to private entities.

So I posted the link to the part of the ONS summary that included payments to private entities still meant that we still bunged them £8bn more than they bunged us.

He "unfriended" me.
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Ahem....plenty on here pushed this pish at me
You're a degree trained engineer and can't highlight a word, right click and select 'Search Google for "USTR"' to see what it is?


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