Brexit Phase Two - Trade


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Redwood playing another blinder. He claimed the UK had offered concessions to the EU.
Couldn't name one.
Nor can anyone else. ( He missed the obvious ones. We go to negotiate and give them even more money)

Can't even pull out a plan for leaving. (How long has he been an anti Eu type. 40 odd years)
Nothing from Johnson or Rees Mogg. On this day that Barnier was making concessions, you'd have thought they'd be all over this victory.
It's not like the Brexiters have had a lot.
They won the first battle but seem hell bent on losing the war.

What was i hearing......... Barnier backing down?
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I don't see Higgsy as option B, Holly is a piece of eyecandy, whereas Higgsy is more an eyesore. I'd go with option A as he repeatedly bleated that the result had cost him 20% of his Rachman empire.
I don’t know.

I bet Emily knows a thing or two

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