Brexit Phase Two - Trade

He's not a laughing stock though, he hasn't just decided off his own back to stay on.

The papers are often talking bollocks on all sides and should be followed up to original source if possible. The stress testing makes sense, though I have read some economists who have said they're not rigorous enough.
He is in the City of London
The thing is, if he’s such a tube, how come he’s staying on having had his term extended through the brexit period. Of course when Iain Duncan Smith assumes power , Carnegie will be given the bums rush.
Money, and lifestyle is the simple answer.

If you'd seen the lifestyle these people lead you'd know what I mean. I have. If people knew they would be mightily pissed off - all on the tax payer
That’s an interesting take on it. 35% fall in the price of housing stock. Maybe it’s the same as the way the pound has dropped.
Housing like the pound was always wildly overvalued and it’s just now finding it’s true level.

On the other hand those looking to get on to the housing ladder might just see the 35% drop as a good thing.

It depends too whether you have a home to live in or a house as an asset.

What would happen if house prices dropped to an affordable level, like three or four times your income. Would that really be so bad, although, what would happen would be speculators buying up housing and reinflating the prices again.
We should stop foreigners buying houses (that’s foreign foreigners, not foreigners who live here)
Empty houses, vested and put into the public housing stock.
They almost destroyed the housing market in Belfast, loads of Dublin and Belfast law firms bought up housing for buy to let
Housing values are a subject in their own right, but with a lot of people banking on them for pensions, a collapse in property price may be good for people at the bottom of the ladder but not so how for peopel at the top.

Play with the value of the housing market at your peril


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With the BofE Guv being sent out to carry the banner for Project Fear, I expect a new deal to come out of No10, based on the Chequers deal but reworded and backed up with threats of Project F if it is not accepted. I also expect the "new" deal to be rejected as it won't be hard to work out that it changes nothing!

A bit like Barnier saying he sees a deal possible in six weeks or so - if we agree to everything the EU want! Weasel words.
*brexit paramilitaries that will spring up on departure from the EU. The EU is the only thing holding them in check. Apparently. They hang around in threes, one blue, one white and one red shirt. The red shirt is generally expendable. The blue is the zealous type, and leader. The white one does the washing.
No they don't. It was down to a lot of European support (and money) which paved the way for the GFA, leading to the removal of the border in the first place.

it's like me getting an access fob to get in and around the building where I work. I leave of my own free wil.
I don't expect to get to keep the fob to allow me the same access. I'm sure the people still there wouldn't be that impressed either if I was allowed free rein.

There are ways and means where a border won't be necessary. That would have been the preferred option if their hadn't been the bad election result.

The DUP would have been told to go shit in their hat. They may have been bailed out on the RHI scheme and the border would have been in the wet bit. Everyone happy.

Brexit is silly enough, it doesn't have to get any stupider.
What role did the Europe have in the GFA?

I seem to remember Adams and McGuiness pleading with David Ervine to bring the UVF prisoners on board as they had no wish to leave jail before a promise of the principal of concent regarding remaining apart of the UK.

I also remember Mo Molam having to go speak to the UDA prisoners to bring them on board.

I can't remember seeing anyone from Europe in front of the cameras.

And any money from the EU was our own money sent to Brussels in the first place.

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