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Meanwhile a sensible comment from a Labour MP. (Which probably means he'll be sent away for re-education).

Second Brexit referendum would lead to civil disobedience, Labour front-bencher warns

Overturn the 2016 referendum result by stealth - or call a second referendum in an attempt to overturn the first result - and you'll have 17 million p*ssed off voters. Any party involved in such shenanigans can expect to take a hammering at the ballot box. And not only from Brexit supporters - I know a number of Remain supporters who'd be equally urinated off on the grounds that the result of a free and democratic referendum should be respected.

Good point. Barry’s out there kite flying.You won’t have 17m pissed off voters and as you are fantasising about remain voters taking to the streets, you’re wrong there too.
A free and democratic referendum is one thing. One won by theft, lies and deceit shouldn’t be allowed to stand.

If you’re so keen on the will of the people. .lay out the pros and cons of Brexit.

An appreciable and tangiable brexit benefit,
The downside of Brexit
It’s effect on the country and let the people vote. As a democrat you shouldn’t be afraid of that.
(Just before we have a people’s vote, give the police a pay rise. It’s an old tactic, but a good one)
As someone spotted earlier. Wordsmiths stuff is not only rewritten and recycled but endlessly repeated.

And a lot of it’s not true.

I remember Browns budgets. I also remember the conservative response as being grudgingly low key. There was the usual reference to labour and the unions, but nothing seemed to land on him.
I'd literally just finished reading a Martin Wolff article and hopped on here to see it paraphrased badly as words of wisdom...I did take the pish at the time. a few lines and a link easy....

Thing is with Broon, I can agree with your assessment but you can't compare them really, different game plans for different situations.
Remind me again how UKIP could plan for brexit without a civil service?

It’s like asking animal rights activists to provide a viable alternative to vivisection.

Harold Wilson campaigned to stay in the common market but still had the foresight to do some contingency planning if the referendum never went the way he wanted it to.

Cameron had the great idea to not do any contingency planning.

I’m not bothered either way as I just wanted out of the EU. Leaving won’t be a panacea neither will it be a disaster.

If you’re that bothered carry on standing in an echo chamber and listening to Chuka.
Sure champ....

Alternatives to Animal Testing | PETA

You were saying?

So, he had decades agitating, didn't have a plan or even define what Brexit was and now he thinks he can tell the democratically elected leader of the country what to do and what Brexit is? Perhaps he can get himself elected to Parliament and have a say...8th time lucky.

Contingency? Who told the armed services to hedge some purchases? How did the BoE and Treasury have a plan on first day? Come on Andy, you shouldn't be taken in by the propaganda.

Don't listen to Chukka. TCF can still GTF though.
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: October deadline SCRAPPED as UK and EU scramble to avoid no-deal

BRUSSELS negotiator Michel Barnier signalled the end of the perceived October deadline after meeting with Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab as both parties commit to avoiding a no-deal scenario.
Mr Barnier told reporters the Brexit withdrawal agreement – which contains three outstanding issues – may not be completed by the European Council summit in October as previously hoped.
Having met with Mr Raab, the Frenchman explained they still need to work on the Irish backstop, outstanding withdrawal agreement issues and a political declaration on the future relationship.
They still need to work on all of it then?
No mention of Gibraltar, that must be sorted.
Spain will be pleased.
Another one lost the plot.
What, trusting the people to make a democratic choice? They're allowed to change their minds you know.
Yup, Barnier caves in completely, but cunningly disguises it...

Barnier dismissed suggestions that the EU has been inflexible in talks, telling reporters: "We haven't changed our principles over 2 years — but why would we? Why would we change principles on which the EU is based?

"The UK is leaving the EU, not the other way around."

Dominic Raab dismisses no deal Brexit reports as 'hair-raising scare stories'
Will you shed a little tear when brexit is delivered?
Talking of birds falling out of the sky. I was at Abbotsbury on Chelsie beach on Sunday “ en famille” and sat in on a fascinating talk\ display by a bloke from the local Raptor rescue charity.
Very knowledgable and a falconer for over 40 years.
His take on the world of euro regulation and its ineptitude was telling.
Firstly he praised the EU for giving the wildlife and countryside act far greater teeth to punish miscreants for neglect and cruelty, he didn’t think U.K. gov would have gone as far on their own.
The bad stuff for raptors was prior to the act Britain and all the rest of the hawking world licencedthe hawker. ( you needed to do a couple of year course to get the qualification and birds could only be sold between trained skilled keepers.)
Unfortunately the commission said this was elitist and the birds only would be licensed, so now anyone can acquire let’s say a pair of barn owls with no idea how to keep them, post Harry Potter this happened a lot he said.It got worse if they breed ( which in captivity they do like rabbits Aparrently) without paperwork not even the charity can accept them as a gift, it’s illegal.
Ergo owners” release them into the wild. Dead in three days.
The greatest threat to wildlife from this non eliteist “ eurohawking “ regime
He had on two stoups at the show.
A Buyer led market has grown for legally imported hybrid birds, such as a peregrine/ lammar falcon cross. This was half the size of a peregrine, with its hunting instinct buggered up. ( peregrines are high altitude dive bombers, lammers low altitude ambushers). They are worryingly fertile though.
His worry is that if a numpty looses one of these hybrids into the Wild here and it interbreeds, the wild peregrine will be flucked in a way that the DDT threat of the 70’s could barely touch. He had two live examples there, one earns its living clearing Bournemouth airport for the CAA.!
He said it’s like giving an Ebola kit to untrained school kids to play with.
What is to be done? He advocated taking the pension off the dicks in defra who should have objected, but now our hands are tied as it’s an Eu wide law and until we leave nowt can be done.
As I say an interesting afternoon. I apologise for the drift off trade but as there seems to be mostly wild excursions off track on here I thought I’d relate it
RSPB also says CAP is bad.

RSPB boss: Britain has one last chance to save endangered species
What, trusting the people to make a democratic choice? They're allowed to change their minds you know.
Another loon. Sorry, didn't see you there behind that Toc H lamp.
Will you shed a little tear when brexit is delivered?
Why? You still don't get it. Brexit was done and dusted the day after the vote for me, doesn't mean I can't point out lies, fibs, untruths and similar.
Another loon. Sorry, didn't see you there behind that Toc H lamp.
I should be screeching "Traiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at you in a Brexiteer style.

Have you managed to contribute to the thread yet? Go on, make an effort, get some steam up in that brain.

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