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You might think they sold a pack of lies, I wasn't, I've told you before my mind was made up years before. Now you can carry on with this crock of shit as your burden but I paid no mind to that. All I've seen is proponents to relatively badly constructed arguments fight hammer and tongs to prove that the status quo is good. We tried the remain and change, that failed and you may recall that had Parliament accepted the deal that Cameron tried, I would have accepted that. I've laid down my lines. No one has comprehensively proved to me that I know less about the customs procedures or even that the Customs issues matter that much.
It's not all about you, you're a single vote in a 52%, many of which now feel they were indeed misled by some of the claims made by the leave campaign.

So far no one has complained they were misled to their detriment by the remain campaign, which has to tell you something.
To quote Mark Twain
'It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled'
(It could be Scunthorpe FCs Mark Twain, it's not to be found on the other ones published stuff)
You'll be forcing Wordsmith to cut 'n' paste Art 50 regulations again.

From memory, all 27 EU would have to agree to any changes, and if one had a problem with it, like Spain, wanting Gib back...
I reckon the UK would be pushing on an open door.
Politico reckons the only ethnic minorities you'll see in EU Brussels are the cleaners, leaving early, just as all the important white people turn up.

And it is the Parliament too. 1.6% of them come from some ethnic background. Six of them (out of six-or-seven hundred). And half of them are from the UK, who they'll be losing.
Yes, but what point are you trying to make?
We might actually agree on something. Erdogan is steadily taking Turkey away from Atatürk's vision of a tolerant secular state. Erdogan is also playing the populist card for all its worth and storing up trouble for the future as he turns Turkey into ever more of a one party state. I can see Turkey turning into a theocracy with a fornicated economy. I can't see Turkey ever being admitted to the EU in those circumstances.

It's always been half a century away, starting in 1959. Shame it was used as a billboard for dog-whistle politics, though.
Which highlights one of the main reasons for leaving the EU - Commissioners running the show yet are not part of parliament. Not even drawn from MEPs.

Still we have had that discussion and as I have not seen a sensible reason from a leaver as to why that is good I don't see anything to change my view on this ridiculous setup. Sooner we are out of this incestuous organisation the better!
The Commission is pretty much the same as the Civil Service. Do we wish to see the back of the Civil Service?
Why is london so Stab happy? If Sadiq is so worried about policing, he could raise a little cash by raising council tax.

So, just to clarify, in you’re view Sadiq Khan is doing a great job but all of his problems are Brexit related.
I see you know as much about UK government as you do about the EU.

You're going full invention fruit loop, lie down and take a break.
It might have been that I read something recently about it? And thought, yes, that's right, there's no dusky faces there.

Ever thought of that?
But you only GAF in respect of the EU?
Really? The choice of president needed a majority of the heads of state to go to the approval of the MEPs. Only Cameron and the guy from Hungary voted against so it was 26-2 in favour. One of the first of Cameron's humiliations (of which many more came).
Stop making things up just to try and prove a point. To say "Merkel" chose him is stupidity beyond belief. The other 25 also chose him.
They can't help it, they're cursed to continually vomit Daily Mail headlines, Prometheus by Alan Bennett.
I do find it rather endearing that the EUtopians think they have any control over the EU nomenklatura.

The motto of the EU, the new treaty of Rome empire should be, ‘We are Rome, and Rome does as she pleases’
I find it absolutely hilarious that your prose is is formed by said regurgitated DM headlines.
It's like I've touched a soft spot. You know this thread isn't about me, it's about the EU.

Why aren't there ethnics represented in it's institutions, other than cleaners of course?
Not a soft spot at all, just that you only GAF when it's the EU. Which you haven't disputed. Can't beat a bit of selective outrage.

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