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Sure champ, there are no gains to being in the club, moving to a world of NTBs will be much better for Liam tells another lie the reality is:
Remember, these expat refuseniks are the most vocal of Remainers.
Like the born again immigrants are the most vocal swivel eyed loons?
The EU commissioners

Seems a fair few women there. And that's only those at the moment.
And the current Baroness Ashton was vice president of the EU commission from 2009 to 2014 if you want a fairly high Brit female commissioner.
But, then again, ignorant statements seems pretty par for the course.
is that what they mean by gammon?
I don’t remember voting for any of them
Same as you didn't vote for Roberto Azevêdo and his 600 staff nor did you vote for Jeremy Heywood. It's almost as if you don't vote for Civil Service types isn't it?
I think the clue is in the word 'single'. As a single country the USA is our biggest importer. All the EU countries, all added up is more, but they're not a single country (yet).
The clue is in "Single" as in "Single Market"
That’s where you Remain pseuds fall flat on your over analysing faces, there nothing to ‘think through’....we voted LEAVE and that’s what we are getting,
I guess you're right. Shutting down any planning, debate, oversight or scrutiny of the biggest change to our trade and economy for generations is how we'll make a success of this.
Your wail indicates this is a soft spot.

But shouldn't a parliament reflect it's constituents?

Just pointing out that you're having to resort to the politics of the extreme left in order to find something to gloss over your demonstratably false assumption.

Where did I say that a parliament shouldn't reflect it's constituents. The EU commission is basically a CS body anyway

The more you post, the more it becomes clear that you are an equality of outcome type. Your views on the labour market being an example.

Will you be voting labour in the next election?
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