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Don't worry about it @headgear. Finding anything positive to say about brexit's not easy.

People here are meant to be grown ups.

Yet some of them still think brexit will work. You can be sure that the main leaders and backers, those that have seen the facts and figures, they've realised its not going to work.
They've resigned, run away, shifted their money or just moved country.
Leaving the brexiters on their own.
Are you a xenophobe bigot?

or is that your opening line? 'sorry, old bean i must apologise for my automo's lack of Eurozone branding and sorry about this ghastly brexit shenanigans. Democracy, eh. Not worth it in my book'
not really. Freedom of movement and the Euro rules saying we couldn't have a two tier benefits system contributed. Telling us we could have a one time graduated seven year handbrake really didn't help.
You're still going to be disappointed.
I'll get over it. Even @Bangkok's parents got over their disappointment eventually. And repeatedly.
That's the spirit.

I did a bit more apologising today with a couple of Defence Attaches, by the way.

No names, no pack drill.

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