Brexit Phase Two - Trade

You do realise straws, no matter how many you clutch, will not keep your UK remaining in EUtopia dream afloat.
I've said several times I'm happy with pretending to leave. It's all rather pointless and expensive, but there you go.
Immigration, regardless of origin, race or religion will be less of a problem for HMG if they put infrastructure in place to minimise the negative impact on communities.

It's no good lecturing folk on the benefits to the economy if their lives take a turn for the worst through the squeeze on public services, housing, health and education.

To call people racist when they complain about the negatives they experience is simply fomenting the conditions which led to many I know voting for Brexit.
Obviously, though that failure is hardly the fault of Brussels or the rest of the EU.
i don't know, could it be your sense of bereavement evident in your posts? Or that you've created a shrine to our leaving in your garden complete with teddies and flags. And you pay @Baglock to wail and thrash around it, in sack cloth and ashes. Gnashing his teeth and tearing his sack cloth. Powerful stuff. How's the plan to add a tv showing a loop of @Brotherton Lad saying 'Sorry'?
Your first three words cover it.


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Don't worry about it @headgear. Finding anything positive to say about brexit's not easy.

People here are meant to be grown ups.

Yet some of them still think brexit will work. You can be sure that the main leaders and backers, those that have seen the facts and figures, they've realised its not going to work.
They've resigned, run away, shifted their money or just moved country.
Leaving the brexiters on their own.
Are you a xenophobe bigot?

or is that your opening line? 'sorry, old bean i must apologise for my automo's lack of Eurozone branding and sorry about this ghastly brexit shenanigans. Democracy, eh. Not worth it in my book'

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