Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Javid needs knighted for this, I watch Abbot nervously giving her HoC speech.

As for Shami, she can wind her neck in.

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Neither Abbott nor Shami will be able to play the race card in this.....but I suspect they’ll try.
Yes you can put up a link but I don't know if it will help as I haven't a clue what you are going to link to.
He’s put a little no in, taken what’s been said compet ky out of context and hop nobody notices.

There’s a lesson there. Conveying messages on tweet that ar only 120 characters like my is never really a good idea
You’ve never had new comber potatoes. Boiled in their jackets, butter, drop of pepper.
That’s it.
It’s a staple diet.
As I've stated, out of the ground, washed, then steamed, with nothing added, I pigged and ate close to a kilo whilst watching the World Cup Final, these pots needed nothing to enhance them.

I never thought that potatoes could be 'finger food'. ;-)
Why don't you just make something up Andy? How are they acting like children?
By preparingthemselves for a serious negoatiation?
By asking the UK to get its act together?
By not believbing in Unicorns?

I'll tell you what acting like a child is, it's agitiating for decades for something, not preparingand then, when you're in the cabinet, gobbing off soundbites instead of doing the plarandnning, finally running away because you can't have all of your own way.

And making shit up all of the time BTW.
My grand daughter on holiday holiday in Ibiza was give a unicorn swimming ring-so ya boo sucks
Did you get the twitter from your phone
No but you're allowed to do more than make calls with them. Your car has more than one gear as well. HTH
Not forking over £40 billion will cause the EU a major political headache. Loads of EU projects will have to be curtailed or cancelled.

Why this card was not played before totally escapes me - its a strong negotiating ploy. May running away from problems would be my guess.

More than ever I think May has been told that unless she toughens her negotiating stance, she will face a leadership challenge. Raab seems to have been given a lot more negotiating freedom than David Davis ever was. And Olly Robbins seems to have been sidelined - about time too.

<snigger> Sure champ.
@Baglock seems very subdued today....

Last week deliriously happy as he thought BRINO was in his grasp, but as they say, a week is a very long time in politics - and now? it’s shaping up to be a hard Brexit.

Poor @Baglock - it’s been emotional.
I have noticed a significant toughening of the UK's negotiating stance.

Britain will 'thrive' even if there is no Brexit deal, minister says, as David Davis calls on PM to 'reset' her plan

Dominic Raab: Britain will refuse to pay £39 billion divorce bill to Brussels if the EU fails to agree trade deal

May was absolutely stupid not to play these cards before. She's just proved to be week in negotiations and a doormat the EU has walked right over. At least Dominic Rabb is adopting a more realistic negotiating stance.

Which in turn is more likely to force concessions out of the EU.

Actually I think that in timing terms these declarations are not too bad at all.
I firmly believe that these extremist remainder types who post here most of the day, would rather see Brexit fail than succeed.
That's because you don't think too often. Your brain can't deal with complexity.


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Actually I think that in timing terms these declarations are not too bad at all.
So now having bailed out of DExEU and generally regarded as a failure. In not being actually able to deliver brexit or making pigs fly.
Hes giving advice to the PM. It's a pity he wasn't so helpful when he had only one job to do.

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