Brexit Phase Two - Trade

The EEA countries and the Swiss with the same permissions as the UK.
Does this involve the Sch word then? ;-) Does Denmark have full or limited access?
It's going to be a hard sell to the UK public; staying in the EU because of some EU Data protection bureaucracy.

I can just imagine the Smoggies in Teeside agreeing to that one.
I'm not selling anything, I'm explaining why we're not getting access, as predicted many times.
This is also not going away any time soon....

The statement of his former business partner says: “I was finally made aware in October [2015] that in truth, Banks had been dealing with Russians who contemplated investing in the mines…. I was informed by Banks that he had travelled to Russia and discussed with them the diamond opportunities as well as gold mining opportunities in Russia. He further indicated that he would be meeting with the Russians again during November [2015].”

He also claims in the documents that Banks raised money from investors for the mines, but instead put the funds into the Brexit campaign and other interests.

Exclusive: Court documents claim new Arron Banks links with Russia
Guess who were talking pish then?
You knew that you'd not get access to the Db(s) though, surely? I posted many times on this matter and you must know why we'll not get access as is.

Because we're moving outside of the trusted partners and the important bit, will not be subject to the ECJ for breaches.
Obviously rules are rules when it comes to sharing information on databases.

Will the EU refuse to accept information and intelligence from the UK which could prevent loss of life in their MS?

If principles and etiquette are more important than preserving the safety and security of citizens, then they can stand in the coroners court, or equivalent, and undergo the scrutiny.

Best of luck with that.
the Tory leader also said "no technology solution to address these issues has been designed yet or implemented anywhere in the world".

Cobblers, the only issue with any technical solution on the Irish border is the ‘impossibility’ of introducing a system that monitors traffic, while turning a blind eye to the massive cross border fraud that makes many people, especiallly politicians north and south of the border, very rich.
Thank you kindly. I don't claim sympathy, that was how my job panned out. My point was that effectively Britgov would rather pay out billions for idiotic nonsensical claims that deal with prevention. It's not that we couldn't have bigger forces available to LE it's that it's more important to import carers and they have to be cared for.
Also, I dealt with a request from the German Bundeskriminalampt (BKA) earlier today too. it seems that with the exception of the European Commission, the rest of the EU would much rather keep us close.
Now you see that's the reality, whatever the EU say the countries will do their own thing, they just won't tell the EU .
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