Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Did you actually read what you posted?

Ireland’s cunning plan is to offer an even longer route to Yourup And undercut the closer country with a tunnel and a couple of dozen short sea crossings?
I don't know if it is or isn't.

I don't know how you think the tunnel and ferries are relevant. I'm not sure there's many land at LHR then choose to travel to Dover to reach the continent.

Any increased time is marginal over a long haul journey once transfer times are taken into account. If it's cheaper (and open skies largely drove the budget airlines' success) people will accept an extra hour. In any case for American flights it's on the way.
We'll never get anything better
I may be starting to feel sorry for you. Your present life is as good as you've had?
Poor little SCOTY
I don't doubt. However, the original statement was that "the majority of voters*" voted to leave. Clearly the majority of voters didn't.

*As in, the total number of people registered/eligible to vote (if they could be bothered).
Definition of "voter". Someone who votes. Not someone who might have voted if they were not washing their hair.
Is that the UK Automotive industry comprising of Nissan and Toyota who have already threatened to move to the EU from the UK on Brexit?

Or the Tata owned JLR that gets a large amount of it's parts from European companies?

Looks to me like this EU-Japan deal will render the UK superfluous for Japan after Brexit. I think you will find a lot of industries inthe same boat.

the Worlds 2nd largest economy will do a deal rendering the worlds 10th largest economy (who's main customer was the worlds 2nd largest) some what superflous.

Done come out with all the crap that the UK is the world's 5th largest economy that was before the Brexit referendum. Since them the UK has slipped and with major industries like Airbus, Niussan, Toyota and others Brexiting the UK will be hard pressed to stay 10th.

Say goodby to being on the G7/8 and having bugger all influence inthe G20 as we have no friends to get together with.

PS Are Rolls Royce, Bentley, Dailmer etc UK owned or European?
That is why I don’t usually bother engaging with your oft repeated bluster. Read my post again carefully Einstein. I was referring to the large market HERE to sell into .the one that is important enough that when BMW sounded off a couple of weeks ago at the appointed time on Blair and co’s play sheet.
There was a hastily published retraction within 48 hours when I assume the marketing department pointed out how much damage they would do to BMW’s carefully crafted image and therefore future sales.
Fighting for a bigger share of the market here has nothing to do with the rest of your oft repeated assertions.


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Two days in Northern Ireland, meeting the political parties. TMs earning her crust. She'll be happy to get back to Westminster for the peace and quiet.

The loss of Paisley junior as a DUP supporter for crucial votes may be a bit of a headache.
I never doubted it in the first place, it's the French Game plan.
And not Germany's? I don't dispute that the French want us out - they never really wanted us in in the first place - but they will will quite happily pursue a bilateral relationship with us afterwards. German-style adherence to the rules is not the way that things are done in France!
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