Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Straw man Dan. You can do better surely.

They'll give us information through liaison officers and vice versa. It'll be slower and clunky, if Officer Klutz is on a sicky a request may get missed.
You misunderstand if you think I'm putting forward an 'argument', straw man or otherwise.

It was a question(indicated by the question mark), and an observation, based on your assertion that "there would be no access to data".

Are you now saying there will be access to data?

You can do better, surely.
how little you realise that it's contacts and wheels within wheels-remember we've always had a gateway procedure.
Leo, you've been away from this thing for how long? Just over two years for me. The point is whooshing over your head again.
There won’t be. The only people peddling hysteria our remainders with no experience in the sector
You're agreeing with arrse's greatest fantasist. Have a word.
So your position holds true only if you completely ignore civil aviation.
His positions are like his principles, if you don't like them he has others. With apologies to G Marx.
Mrs May took her white paper to the Germans, Mrs Merkel, and sent Olly Robbins off to Brussels to ensure that it was in line with their thinking; all done before ambushing her own Ministers at Chequers. Having had that experience and confident that it would be acceptable over La Manche, if not in the wee building beside the Thames, she published her WP, and looked smugly confident on TV when discussing it.

Up steps M Barnier who then trashes the WP and snubs Mrs May, yet again! When will the woman realise that Barnier has absolutely no intention of coming to an agreement, stop wasting huge resources trying to find something that will never be, and just get on with Brexit with Britain's best interests to the fore, not the EU's! ?
Yes but this underlines the illogicallity from the remain side.
A50 allows us to leave the EU.
It does not specify how that is done-merely that we have the right to leave the club. It does not say we have to leave the CU or the single market or that the EU have the right to interfere with sovereign rights. The issue of control of trade under TFEU is the only thing that the EU have as the basis for their position for remaining in the CU, when in fact non members can do so. Barnier's position is a negotiator for the EU, that's it a negotiator for a recognised trade entity. Now if that is their gripe under those conditions then the fall back position is we pay the applicable duties. But they come undone contractually under those laws they cannot impose changes unilaterally. Moreover in terms of WTO rules there must be a form of verification for self certification to prevent the very frauds that the the EU has enshrined- not none/estimated/ etc; a physical verification and it must be independent. So trade cannot be frictionless in that sense- it can be minimal but it must exist. Similary Schengen[ sic] Lisbon is being suspended for security purposes which interferes with "freedom of movement", largely because Brussels has not controlled immigration and fails to handle it's responsibility.


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it's a significant down side to the EU. It convinces politicos in small backwater countries that they are on a par with the global movers and shakers.
Maybe it’s something to to do with being part of something bigger than the sum of its parts and will stand up for them.
Or is that too simple.
Maybe it was better in the good old days when everyone knew their place and if they didn’t, we knew how to deal with them.

(Yet people are complaining that the Eu aren’t playing fair by ensuring that they won’t agree to anything which may be detrimental to them)
it is, but enough about you...
Sure, I'm stamping my feet about how bad the bad man is all of the time. Keep it up, it's amusing to see it contrasted with your Land of Hope and Glory bluster...
And, Yes, the EU are indeed going for Hard Brexit. They want it all to hurt us, and them, just so they can hold it up as an example to others.
First degree whining. The EU want a deal, our indecision and our red lines and our fantasy border solutions have been the issue.

All of which you've clapped along to. You're now blaming someone else. Whiner.
this is all lies. @Baglock says that EUropean news, and indeed the people, aren't that interested in all this Brexit malarkey. Are you trying to tell me @Baglock is an idiot? An imbecile? Someone with no idea about what is going on in the world apart from what the chief mong @Higgs_bosun briefs him on?
Ever wonder why man-of-many-names is very selective with his links for stuff he posts? He's fundamentally dishonest is why.


1532167257040.png - Zeitungen aus der ganzen Welt

Independent IE playing up for me, a good well balance read
A deal will be done, the Americans won’t let Barnier cripple global aviation on a point of Gallic Hubris and will put Brussels’s nuts in a mangle.
The deal is that we sell our soul to the FAA...which will not be good long term...
Oh I will argue any position, but unlike you a lot of other people just aren't listening. If you note I am happy to provide links when pressed.

On button mashing I hit the buttons when I really agree, or really do not agree with a position. But, have nothing further to add.
How many times have I asked for that link? It turns out the bad man deleted it....

Never had any time fro button mashing full stop.

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