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Amazing...Select Committee Rooms recorded 18th July. Prime Minister May reduced to a dribbling wreck by questions she could not answer. Fudge, fudge and more fudge...never seen such a clueless bluffing clown since DD exposed himself. She has no idea how brexit will work and the white paper is simply a waste of pulp.

The solution?

Ask the people to solve the problem. As they and only they know what they want.
I did actually. Others were less keen. But I was in favour only because it had the potential to flush the EU fox.
The EU has been waiting for the Cabinet to come to some sort of starting position for negotiations. I accept it also as a starting position, though I don't expect it to last in its current form.
I don't think it was so much a fudge, rather a bit of burnt toffee! Still it was put together by a right fudge packer!
The vanilla proposal was fudged to sweeten the deal which became a rum business with a bitter aftertaste. Meanwhile some are still taking the tablet and reckon the arguments are wafer thin and there isn't a snowballs chance of it passing through. After crunching through the substance, some felt it took the biscuit. Meanwhile there was a marathon session during which opposing sides nibbled and bit hard, salivating as they sensed that the cookie was crumbling. Many felt that they had indulged too much already and expressed that they were sick of it.
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I don't think it was so much a fudge, rather a bit of burnt toffee! Still it was put together by a right fudge packer!
Same ingredients, it's just the difference in temperature that alters the result:

Fudge is soft ball.


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Well there had been plenty of heat around this WP.
Strange that the Conservatives want to come out the single market which good old Maggie Thatcher invented,
Yes, of course she did, precious.
The so called single market seemed a good idea until it became protectionist and favoured certain countries over others thus devaluing it's original purpose as proposed to would be members at the time. The whole premise really goes farther back it seems, to centralisation akin to a Roman federation of states, adminstered by and answerable to the emperor in Rome. I think it was a con with a long term aim. One of the side effects of centralisation was to create dependency. Dependency of satelite states creates security for the administrative control centre. This worked for the Soviet Union for a few decades.
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