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I did hear a wonderful snip of an interview with Jason Reeve Mogg on LBC being called a hypocrite for moving his investment company to Dublin.

He pointed out that his offices are still in London and will continue to be in London. He then proceeded to explain he had opened a fund up in Dublin, following in from another one he’d opened up in 93 and the fund was planned way before the referendum was even announced.
Of course they planned to have a Dublin based fund well over two years ago and th eprospectus for it was alway sgoing to say:

Referring to Brexit, the fund’s prospectus said: “During, and possibly after, this period there is likely to be considerable uncertainty as to the position of the UK and the arrangements which will apply to its relationships with the EU and other countries following its withdrawal.

“This uncertainty may affect other countries in the EU, or elsewhere, if they are considered to be impacted by these events.

“As [the firm is] based in the UK and a fund’s investments may be located in the UK or the EU, a fund may as a result be affected by the events described above.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg defends Ireland move by firm he co-founded amid warnings over Brexit

I read about Mr Hitler saying that following annexation of the Sudetenland he had no further territorial ambitions.

Does the pigeon post twitters?
Only if you're smart enough to find out what they're called and stop shouting at them. Plenty of clouds out there man.
Even the recent anti-Brexit demonstration in London didn't attract a particularly big crowd. Were the people of the UK massively opposed to Brexit, I would expect regular 500,000+ demonstrations in all the major cities.

The silence is deafening.
I'd suggest waiting to see what happens in the event of a No Deal and the effects of that. Experience teaches us that you'll be blaming the EU and remain supporters though.
well they obviously don't want Dublin airport to be an ongoing concern...
If I'd known Lanzarote was that close to Ireland I'd have popped down the last time I was in Cork
it's amazing how Anthony is suddenly a big fan of referendums...
He’s hoping for a standard EU tactic of keep doing referendums until the result desired is achieved.

I will bet all of my worldly possessions that should a second referendum be organised and it’s 52% remain, 48% leave then they will argue that democracy has spoken and the issue is now closed forever.

I posted this yesterday which shows historical support levels for the EU.

Polling history: 40 years of British views on 'in or out' of Europe

Standby for continued messages from Project Fear coordinated by Tony.
You're not wrong about your final point. I have a formal commendation from the US DoJ for my part in a joint investigation.
Anything in the public domain?
i take it your geography isn't too hot.
Much stronger than your comprehension and SOH it appears.

You don't have German genes do you? Do you find Benny Hill incredibly funny?
Do you want him to send a Twitter over?
If you can't find out out what a single post on Twitter is called I fear for your analytical and research skills.
That's been the problem all along! We (UK) have allowed this little shitbag total freedom to whinge and shout and abuse and scream at the UK without response - it's time to inform Ireland of what we could do to it!
Alternately, we could calm down and address the situation that we have created...
the fact that you bathe in twaats from tw*tter makes us weep for your parents.
You dislike people learning stuff, you'd much prefer that everyone stuck to the papers you don't read. The Daily Moonhowler and Exresslymoonhowling.
Which side is Mrs May?


Your call, with reasons.
Neither. The number of people who - like you - define their worldview by which box they ticked back in 2016 is small and getting smaller.

She is a Tory, and her goal is to get the Tories out of the mess the referendum result got them into. She has to steer a course between leaving in a way that damages the economy and leaving in a way that doesn't look like we've left. If the economy is damaged then voters won't see losing their jobs and cuts in public spending as an acceptable price for Brexit, after all they were promised the opposite. And if it doesn't look like we've left then the Tory civil war continues.

Now, none of this means her plan can work of course, but it is a plan. It also puts party firmly ahead of country but again, is anyone really surprised?

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