Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Hint, I used to support both. ;-)

Where is it? We'll look to grow our influence where we can, NATO's a fecking good place to start.
Hint; I used to work in one of those organisations, so am very clear on their delineation of responsibilities. Conflating NATO and the EU, unless you're DSACEUR or MilRep, doesn't help understanding, and none of the political appointments in the two organisations are 'double-hatted'.
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But again if there are so many people earning a living as was suggested by the post regarding high employment levels the rate of use of foodbanks should be decreasing, not increasing as is the case now?
Same reason as the demands on the NHS are increasing. If it's free and available, people want it.

Also not an expert and accept that this is a wiki link and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but I found this interesting:

"Ireland has approximately 31 days of oil stocks in Ireland and another nine days of oil stocks held in other EU members states. Additionally, it has stock tickets (contracts with a third party whereby the government has the option of purchasing oil in the event of an emergency) and stocks held by large industry or large consumers. In total, Ireland has approximately 100 days' worth of oil at its disposal".

"The United Kingdom recently drew up plans to create its own strategic fuel reserves utilizing Steven Brown as an agreement agent".

Going by that it would appear that the Irish are a bit better prepared than the UK!

Global strategic petroleum reserves - Wikipedia
did you read your own link? It explains why UK isn't required to hold a reserve.
Possibly. They've been on a drive to get rid of the mountains of self licking PM roles recently. I can't imagine that he's in a technical role
Think he mentioned contracting for them in the deep and dark distant past....
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