Brexit Phase Two - Trade

It does, but that road is increasingly short. Very soon HMG will have to choose between throwing in the towel and declaring a state of emergency, that or a substantial fudge as offered in the White Paper.
Is that the white paper that is getting us out of the customs union?
The Conservative party haven’t called for one, neither has them our party.

So unless there’s a massive U turn by the political leadership there’s unlikely to be one.
I'm not calling for one, either. I appreciate that this doesn't help whatever it is you wish to say.
Actually most of the EU migration is high skilled professionals, plus the 10% holding the HNS apart or were you refering to the seasonal agricultural labour that picks all the fruit and veg that the now highly urbanised Brits won't pick. Now you could stop the EU agricultural labour and ramp up the wages for the Brits so no one can afford the fruit and veg they pick
So how many low skilled EU workers are in the UK?
CMD is wealthy and ex-PM's are very much in demand for consultancy and as key-note speakers.

I doubt Soubry is in the same position.

I was talking about May!

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An iron curtain is being draped across the English channel, daubed red white and blue.

The UK can look forward to becoming a subservient tool of US, Russian or Chinese foreign policy, unless the insanity stops
Perhaps we could label it the Beef Curtain?

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So how many low skilled EU workers are in the UK?
Is that including the gangs of Romanian Big Issue sellers and the hand car washers?

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That marginal win should be enough to see her into the autumn.
She will have a lovely time with the Constituency Chairmen/women. I wonder if she will look as smug as she did immediately after the Chequers no phones or taxis meeting.

I was willing to believe her statement Brexit is Brexit but obviously the saying should have been more in line with her sending Olly Robbins to Brussels to get approval of her WP before she presented it to Cabinet, "Befehl ist Befehl" !

I just hope she goes soon or if it too late that she finds her backbone and starts taking us out of Europe. Anything picked up in the way of trade or other agreement will now just be a bonus.
yes with absence rates of upwards of 21% in Theatre, Geriatrics and facilities and maternity of 20% of employees between the age of 25 and 40 which means around 40% of them arent in work, no wonder its in the shit.

Then there is the agency fees. Book weekend overtime at 1700 hrs on a friday. Phont in sick at 1730 and get paid for the weekend and work on agency fees at a neighbouring hospital which means you are getting paid twice.

Do you want me to go on? this is all fact by the way
200,000 tons of reserves?? That's absolutely sweet f*** all for a developed nation.
There's probably more at West Moors!

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