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Because that's life. The Tories made their most disastrous decision in a generation what they put May in as leader. The Brexit f--k up has stemmed from that.
Nothing whatsoever to do with the belters who have been campaigning for this for decades being as much use as tits on a bull when it comes to actually doing stuff? Good at foot stamping and feck all else is no way to go through life.
article 50 end date can't be adjusted without unanimous support from 27 states... No chance. Extension of transition would need the broad agreement of 28.
the other 27 and plenty of chance.
Difficult to know where May goes from here. She can either have a solution acceptable to the Brexit wing of the Tory party, or a solution acceptable to Brusels, but not to both.

May - elected by the Tories to deal with the single most important decision in a generation - has proven incapable of coming up with a workable solution.

I wonder how much longer she can put off her resignation?

Strangely enough, last nights votes demonstrated a Brexit tiny majority, but a majority nonetheless - perhaps a new leader who believes in Brexit could force through 'proper Brexit policies?
Nothing whatsoever to do with the belters who have been campaigning for this for decades being as much use as tits on a bull when it comes to actually doing stuff? Good at foot stamping and feck all else is no way to go through life.
you're getting boring now. Leavers campaigning doesn't mean that they had to plan it and execute it.
PMTM could also make an executive decision to unilaterally withdraw A50 for the national interest.

If she's toast after this process one way or another, what's to stop her?
She’d struggle to withdraw article 50.

The nation voted for it and its reversal would need agreement by everybody in the EU.

We’re still leaving.


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It's alleged, although not confirmed that the EU MS are open to withdrawal of A50.

Not calling for the PM to do such a thing myself.

Just speculating about the possible scenarios
Majority voted to leave.

Majority of those who wanted to remain have accepted the democratic decision.

Minority of those who voted remain haven’t accepted the decision.

Nobody is calling for a delay other than politicians linked to Blair and those eyeing up an EU commissioner job.


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I hear the gammon at 'Spoons is quite old and tasteless!
Oh look, someone's learnt a new buzzword, bless.

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To achieve what exactly? The White Paper has been killed by those four amendments. Go back to the drawing board? There is a way out of this morass but it requires a change at the top. May's authority has finally died.
Well Blair spent at least five years in power with none followed by Brown, so there's a precedent at least.


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At least it's one that's British and didn't need to be thought of by the Sceptics first!
Which sceptics? Or did you mean Septics?

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Can't be arsed watching it but it would be ill advised and it's probably too late from a legislative perspective, they could rush it through but it it would be flaky.
Now I know what would solve the problem.

A referendum on whether to have another referendum.

So should we have another referendum on completely leaving?

Actually means something similar to pissing off from the pub, ie you are fecking leaving and that's it. You can however go back and buy a pint or two but this could be confusing as when you left all though not barred you told the landlord to shove it I'm off, the atmosphere could be icy.

Or leave, but still remain tied to the EU because apparently you can't buy or sell goods to the EU unless you somehow join their trading Union, this will tie you in to the Union and stop you trading freely with the rest of the world, ie piss off from the pub, after slagging off landlord but keep using it, now why would you want to do that? Very similar to above but don't worry about it.

Or. let's just forgot the whole thing ever happened shake hands and stay, thus keeping our boaders open to all and sundry and stopping us from making our own laws and been a free independent state? Who wants to go to that pub down the road any way?

None of the above. Feck off completely, that's it I'm not coming back balls to you and everything else. Because we know Europe will still deal with us as only yesterday as I was in a car par I noticed a Mercedes, next to that a BMW next to that an Audi, then a Citeoen, then a Honda, then a VW now will they really stop you buying their nice cars? Not to mention their lovely white goods, I personally couldn't live without my Neff oven AEG Induction hobb or indeed my Bosch fridge freezer, and a Miellie washing machine and dryer I do however have a Sony TV so I'm not completely tied to you now am I? ( I could have made some of that up), made what up? I'm not saying .
It's all a bit er confusing as mentioned earlier, I am truly confused as to wtf is happening.
Any one want to join me down the pub?
No, oh well, I'll just sit quietly in the corner hoping it will all go away.
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and the next government could just bang it back in. Which retard thinks it's a good idea to 'withdraw' article 50? An act that is by no means legally laid out.
I'll give you a guess, name begins with "b" and ends in "aglock".

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