Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Yep. From memory we pay £15 billion gross into the EU. We then receive just under £7 billion back from the EU, reducing the net we pay into the EU to £8.6 billion. The research funds we receive is part of our own money being recycled back to us.

I love your posts

Although I prefer my "Jesus wept" summary


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The departure of Davis noted and appreciated by the other side in Europe. Apparently he took no interest, didn't stay for the meeting and only showed for the press conference.
Apparently one Olly Robbins does all the work

SENIOR EU SOURCE with some withering criticism for David Davis: “It makes no difference. The guy never bothered to show up, even when there was an official negotiation round. Oftentimes he would not even show up at the official opening...
I love your posts

Although I prefer my "Jesus wept" summary
They have their own special kind of dumb about them.

Building regulations that make the expansion difficult.
Like fireproof cladding and the like? Smoke alarms? Or are you on about greenfield sites and sites of special scientific interest?
Its called business - I know the EU and its featherbedded Airbus hate such concepts
But a research subsidised Boeing is OK?
I don’t think the EU is holding us back, which is what the figures illustrate. The reason for an exit is not an economic argument. If you are willing to accept those figures I put up are solid (they are) then what you should be concluding is the drivers to exit were sovereignty and controlling large scale immigration, which are the issues people voting BrEXIT voted for.
Lots tell us immigration didn't come in to it and not one of the posters who claim sovereignty as a driver uttered a word when May attempted to usurp parliamentary sovereignty. Instead they screeched traitor at someone who did something about it.

If you care, the context and party politics shouldn't matter.
Revenue €66.767 billion (FY 2017)

Revenue €80,121 billion (FY 2017)
I'd suggest you compare the civil aviation commercial airliners for a better picture. You might find that those nasty Europeans are doing better,
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Exactly; farage and his ilk were told to take a walk the day after the referendum.
The brexit campaigners unaffiliated to the Conservative Party, were similarly told to take a walk.
The conservative brexiteers have had some influence, but there plans have now been junckered. Leaving a remainer lite plan. To be fair to Partridge, he is right we are going to have to lump it.

But, he and his friends should at least follow there own train of thought and stop saying brexiteers should own it and other juvenile stuff, as we were never in it to own it.
Feck no, you own it, any successes and any train crash consequences.

You can ram your "a big boy did it and ran away" bilge, poke your "remoaners are to blame", stuff your screeching "Traitorsssss!!!!" and similar pish.

Still waiting for that link where you predicted Chequers and I pooh pooed it BTW.
It’s not really pointlessness is it. The electorate were finally asked and gave a resounding ‘non.’

Would you prefer political parties just kept on promising referendums that they never delivered and renegotiations that don’t happen?

Very little is going to change.

You don't know what will or will not change but I suspect you're closer than you think and will not be happy.
Panto horse enters, stage left.
Cue sound of coconut shells knocking together.
Always nice to hear from the back end of said horse. Well done you.
The point about growth in 17&18 is it has accelerated in the U.K. post BREXIT.

It is the same slide deck. Presented this morning. This is the third day I’ve sat through the same sessions - the other two days were different industries. All sectors covered over three days and the trends are the same with the same growth curve across all sectors.

EU membership is an irrelevance. most growth is occurring outside of EU member states.

The point I made is valid. Politicians are citing business as the reason to stay in the EU, but the figures suggest no link between EU membership and growth - I can’t be arrsed to post the rest of the slides so you’ll have to believe me.
I'd have to see the full presentation and context. Here's a somewhat more sober outlook:

If realised, the forecast suggests the economy is in a torpor, with uncertainties around Brexit, interest rate rises, and international developments such as a possible trade war and rising oil prices, all having an impact.

BCC Economic Forecast: UK set for weakest year of GDP growth since 2009

You can't make any assertions about the impact of EU membership on our growth until we're out of it and have been at least 5, then 10, then 15 years and so on.

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