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Hang on, AFAIK 14th century labour shortages caused by The Black Plague were addressed by unions, improving merchant protection, working conditions and working hours. They were social groupings against the feudal system/fiefdoms after the Roman Empire. The Black Death labour shortages and economic turmoils were tackled by countries' rulers (certainly in France), by ordinances and by labour laws. Guild is derived from the Saxon word gilden: "to pay". Guilds/Gilds emerged in Europe after the early Middle Ages ('Dark Ages'), appearing in Europe after towns grew in the 10th and 11th centuries.

Merchants had tended to band together for protection and sickness insurance before branching out into town based operations and commercial power. They even appear communistic, to wit politically leftist or subversive. Aristocratic merchant guilds dominated towns and city governments. Plus ça change.

By the 13th century Guilds were wealthy with total control over town councils (subversive). They monopolised local trade in their locality and industry/commerce, for their own ends. They set industrial quality and trading standards, also stable prices for their goods and commodities, controlling towns or municipal governments in the interests of guild members and to some extent, workers. In short they did some social good, while achieving monopolies over local commerce and municipalities. Like all monopolies, inflexible Guilds were made irrelevant in the main currents of economic power. They were killed off by reform, by enlightenment and by new regulations and emerging markets. History, it's ******* great.
Let’s see, Chrysler cruiser 19mpg Chrysler people carrier similar (petrol automatics) crossfire returned something similar. Cruiser and crossfire had traction control buttons for very good reasons.
Electrical problems, windows esp. and they didn’t like the wet. Not real wet. It sent the electrics funny
The cruiser actually looked like a car from the 60s. Again you’ve a point?

Chrysler do jeeps and rather class leading MPVs and Dodge do their RAM picks ups.
And she’s variously described in here as incompetent, yet she’s still there and Davis and Johnson are both gone.

More will go this week.

Doesn’t seem that incompetent to me. And there’s another thing.
Why did Trump turn round and deny his Sun interview?
Why did he describe it as fake news?

At least twice today he looked embarrassed, uncomfortable and didn’t answer the question.

Breakfast time this morning, May looked in serious trouble. When was the last time Trump apologised or explained anything. (nb: that NATO press conference the other morning. No explanation or anything about mostly drivel)

After lunch he’s out in front of the worlds press, taking questions and explaining himself.
He didn’t have to, he’s never done it before. He could have just carried on lying, the press conference was time limited.
What happened, what caused the 180.
Did one of Her Majs people get on the phone and tell him to fix it or there’s no afternoon tea?
TM probably let him in on her cunning plan. The cunning plan the public don't get to see. His turn around would seem to me to suggest he is in favour of her cunning plan.

Prior to being given insight into TM's cunning plan Trump would have been believing what the papers said. Like wot the public do.
supplied They are at EASA in Europe and not coming back to the UK. so the UK has lost most of it's experts.

really..... which companies are those then. Name them.
Aerospace industry in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

Up, up and away!


Category:Aerospace companies of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

Here’s 280 of them.

Some more?

UK Aerospace Companies | Reviews | FreeIndex

And here’s some more.

NWAA - Home

So I’ll name one. GKN.
The Black Death caused wages to rise because labour was in short supply and led to the rise of guilds which eventually gave us trade unions.
yes it did, but that was stamped on in short order by Edward III who decreed that wages should be pegged at pre death levels. Why because the costs for the costs for the shareholders had gone through the roof. Peasants had demand but no incentive to earn. Add that to the Revolt which was about subsequent taxes, this time under Richard II. The immortal Phrase "Serfs thou art and serfs ye shall remain" pretty much sums of British History. Oh and Labour never changed that.
Now if they could've imported hundreds-of-thousands of migrants, year-on-year, just think how wages could've been suppressed in the 14 Century.
if only they could .They would have. Reality was that Europe has been it hard hit too. That's where the Pied piper comes in. Wages were held artificially low throughout Europe. Migration proper doesn't start here until the reign of Charles II and the allowances made to the Hugenots. It's been the means of control ever since.


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Have you told the CAA?
I'm afraid chilly has fallen into a one way tunnel in which there is no room to turn. OOS oth has changed direction 180 degrees, just can't bring himself to admit it.

What is it with these avionic Remainiacs?
No cognitive flexibility whatsoever. Tragic. A poster child for a help the aged advert.
Some jobs have a necessity for exactitude. Fortunately for the world at large, yours isn't one. Obv.
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