Brexit Phase Two - Trade

But, he and his friends should at least follow there own train of thought and stop saying brexiteers should own it and other juvenile stuff, as we were never in it to own it.
That is bang on. But then to acknowlege that would be inconvenient. I have never exculpated Cameron for accepting the pre-emptive move made by Juncker, but remainers should accept that the implication of the EU that they control trade has not only been part of the problem in the making and slowing the trade process- it will cause problems down the line even if we have to lump it.
You'd be hard pressed to find someone who knew sovereignty means the dole queue.

See the manufacturing staff in automotive and aerospace
I’ve not seen a mass exodus and all I hear is whinging. Let’s see what happens eh?
Two years later you're now telling us that the great British reindustrial revolution isn't going to take place.
More Brexit bull.....have you no shame?
No shame at all, having worked for peanuts despite my own expertise and watched the experts rake it in despite getting utterly wrong, and occasionally having to unpick their efforts. If the Public sector services in my area were paid commercial rates we'd be living high on the Hogg. Unfortunately we weren't. Now careful how you answer that cos some PS workers particularly the NHS are 'eroes and they're not well paid. Not even by Labour. But then Labour didn't give a toss and axed us- and now look at the pickle yer in:evil:
Is that........ is that.............MANUFACTURING by any chance:oops:?
Not the right sort to satisfy the remain voters it would seem. Just waiting for the head dobbing loons to wake up and deliver their if I give a sliver of shite.o_O
You’re trying to convince a lot of people who have already lost their jobs because we’re in the EU.

We all know this will be a carry on as normal process.

I’m having flash backs to the millennium bug saga.

I still feel sorry for the cheese shop owner Jeremy Vine interviewed after the refrendum. The poor mite seems to think brexit will mean the end to French cheese imports.
Examples of job losses. Put up or shut up.

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