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Er that's a charged question. We might have done had not three subsequent Labour Governments decided not to because of the insistence that Free movement meant we didn't need to know. That is a totally different ball game. You see the underlying strands of the Aliens acts meant that it was the function of the Police to keep tabs through registration of any Aliens living in their areas. The Police come under Local councils for control purposes, so have you asked your local councillor under FOI how many there are?

the second strand is the matching of Landing cards and embarkation cards and the applications made by the individuals for extensions to their visas or ILR. Now of course Labour conveniently started the process of destroying documents and Blaming Tories for their cupidity whilst VAZ roared on about departments not being FFP whilst knowing his Government wouldn't change things- there's all those votes you see. And we were'nt supposed to leave.

And then there's the HR issues who keep telling LE how nasty they are coz we're all Uropean now and how we can't do things like deport people, let alone that Schengen was supposed to put warning indicators on undesireables that didn't.
The short answer to your question is Probably.
The truthful answer is NO Not really.
Confound you and your truths.
So in short the EU can't import motor vehicles from the UK. Oh how sad. Having killed ours off and having regard for the lies of the German manufacturers about pollution. Did you know that Diesel and Petrol engines are due to be phased out by 2040. Our own Construction and use regulations should have come into force, but what does the EU do. takes the fines but does nothing.

All those lives that could be lost due to the lies oh my oh my. I'm shocked and dismayed that the human dimension hasn't been taken into account. ( sorry I have those moments when my tongue is firmly in my cheek.) Type approvals were already in force when I were a copper, you know abut the time the EEC came into being. Course in they far off days it were the responsibility of the D of T and we even had MOTs, safety glass and seatbelts.

Course we'll all be t'poor to afford all these wonderful technically advanced motors and even in the F1 we'll 'ave to wheel out t'old ERAs and Lotuses. No man; so much doom and Gloom....exeunt stage left muttering Spike Milligan " What are we goin' to do now".
Vintage ramble Leo
Did I hit a nerve? Regretting putting all your faith in the idiots leading the country into irrelevance?

I am very comfortable (no thanks to brexit) and I enjoy pointing it out to leavers and will continue to do so! ;)
No nerve struck thanks, I do have a dog in the fight unlike yourself ,and run a Buisness that contributes to the exchequer as well. I’ll leave you to your unedifying crowing from afar, ( it still makes you look a c# nt though)
which would have easy as anything with the BAOR and American forces sat in one (and at one poin both) of the countries. It's admirable that something was done but it was critical. Besides, we'll see how much peace is secured by the EU in the next few decades. The EU isn't too swift at realigning to new threats.
They did a grand job in the Balkans......
The saddest thing now is that it is the Remainers who will get us the worst possible deal - make no mistake this is being done in some cases deliberately in the mistaken belief that Brexit will go away and the EU wont stiff them afterwards. In other cases its a bit like the Colonel in 'The Bridge over the River Kwai' who only realised at the very end he was committing Treason - I'm sure a quick search of Blair, Campbell, Clegg, Clarke, Soubry etc's e-mails, terlecom's and diary engagements would uncover some shocking 'collusion' with the Mr Barnier and Co - all being done with the best of intentions but without thought on how it will impact on their own country and citizens.
Having sat at the centre of so-called "information campaigns" I think that is exactly what is going on. A coordinated, centrally directed multifaceted effort to overturn the result of June 2016. There will be a "grid" somewhere, and someone will be running it.
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Why are you sitting on your arrse doing nothing - start looking because you need to find out the truth for yourself and not be spoon fed.
I'll put you in the 'all mouth' pile. You can't back up your assertion that the UK was doing anything with cohesion funds. Saddening. Just like remainers who claim to acknowledge that the EU needs reform won't go firm on what that reform would be or if there was ever any chance of achieving it. (there wasn't btw, in or out, David or Anthony or anybody else).
Saw this and thought of Germany.....apologies for the slight derailment.

People buy based on price and convenience. In addition there isn't a lot of brand loyalty in car sales. People will buy Brand X for one car and Brandy Y for the next. Add into the mix a certain steadily growing resent for the EU and an interruption of imports due to different procedures coming into play at the point of import, and I suspect a significant drop in sales of imported cars will result.

Obviously no-one will stop buying Germany cars, but suspect there will be a very significant drop in sales of cars imported from the EU, aided and abetted by newspapers like the Sun and express running 'buy British' campaigns to induce people to buy cars manufactured in the UK (even if they have a Japanese badge on them).

If no-one stops buying German cars, how will there be a drop in sales?


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Shittinginabaglock on a false flag operation.

Now don’t be like that.
I’m doing my best to work up a positive spin on Brexit. None of the brexiters seem to be able to offer anything positive. So I went looking.

Interestingly enough the right wing bible belters seem really keen to have us out of Europe, that very thing you find so hard to accept (as do I) a fully unified Europe leading to the Antichrist.

They seem really happy about the way things are going.

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