Brexit Phase Two - Trade

The answer to that one was why didn’t we. France and Germany ignored Eu rules to save businesses for the national good. We didn’t, we just blamed Europe and did nothing. After all whatever went to the wall could be easily replaced thanks to the single market.

We didn’t have to worry about all those inconvenient workers rights and safety standards.

How much to make safe?
Naw we’ll just let it go, if we need it, it’s a couple of hours away at a stable price.
Well eventually......2019 legally, thankfully that blame will solely be at Westminster's door in which the British electorate will have a say.

As the earlier video evidence proves, it's the EU insistence based on their rules system, only when challenged by JRM these issues can be flexed for the national good......or when it benefits the EU.

Nobody other than Brussel's is seeking a hard physical border resolution due to Barnier et al rejecting all HMG proposals for political gain.

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Airbus is going nowhere, neither are the 100,000 jobs.
Contrary to what the fantasists believe, Airbus doesn’t build very complex avd expensive wings in the UK as a job creating exercise for the UK, it does it because the UK are world leaders in wing work.
^ as above. Many remainers are having wet dreams over the UK being schooled in being naughty enough to leave the EU but it really isn't going to be that bad.
I did. It drips self-denial. To know yourself you must learn to stop lying to yourself. Embrace your delusions.

You seem overly concerned that I might think all Brexit voters stupid and / or racist .That’s untrue.
Some - many - hold sincere considered views, albeit views I consider misguided

Others are throbbers.

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Blame the Tories for allowing quotas to be sold Overseas to large companies.

“One 16ft long fiberglass dinghy holds almost 20% of the entire quota for the South West of England. This accumulation of quota is possible because in the UK, multi-million pound companies are able to buy up fishing rights like any other commodity – with no checks in place to limit how much they’re allowed to buy.”

According to the snowflakes at Greenpeace , reforms of the common fisheries policy require governments to prioritise giving quota to fishing businesses which contribute most to coastal economies and fish with low-impact methods. So the CFP is supporting what you want and your government isn’t.

I fear your head might melt
Sustainable fishing in the UK | Greenpeace UK

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CFP and CAP regulations, quotas and controls are very good principles.

All it requires to make them work is the participants adhering to the rules.

Good luck with that.

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