Brexit Phase Two - Trade

A few more Gammons:
I though the elderly voted leave?
Ali Campbell on now......hilarious.


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You four social inadequates in the remain glee club are leaving it all a bit late.
You really shouldn't be pissballing about on here, you should have already reached Whitehall by now!
That means actually leaving the house and interacting with humans!


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Bless you Auld Yin, your inability to comprehend complexity remains the best hope for a sensible Brexit and for that we thank you ^^
You're very welcome.

In fact if it wasn't for the EU and Remainers making this as complicated as possible then we would be well on the way to an agreement by now! Most of the complexity is invented/inflated or just not there.


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I think we should inaugurate a SPOTY hall of fame, with @Baglock as the first inductee.

Such selfless dedication to being a campanology terminus of epic proportions surely deserves more recognition than a mere annual award.

Wordsmith :smile:
Baglock, the Baldrick of Arrse!

Why do you think Switzerland isn't in the EU?

Or Norway.
Norway has oil.

Switzerland is wealthy and prefers bilateral deals that don’t give up too much sovereignty. It has consistently voted against actual membership (knowing it will be a net contributor) whilst joining many of the institutions. A half-way position that works for the Swiss.

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Remainers never talk about past EU transgressions.
Remainers never talk about the present and chaos caused by EU policy.
Remainers never talk about the future of the EU, based on the commissions own direction.
Remainers never talk about democracy.
Remainers never talk about there ability or articulate a cogent argument for why we should belong to the EU.
Remainers having lost the referendum, offer no help and keep shouting "you voted for it, you own it".
Remainers are constantly on alert for the any negative issue they can blow out of context.
Remainers are actually the EUs own useful idiots.

The worst transgression of all for me, is despite all the bile dished out towards there fellow citizens, who voted brexit, how bloody thin skinned are they ?? they act like a child and they amusingly start shouting obscenities or put downs, total hypocrites the lot of them.
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