Brexit Phase Two - Trade

You have to question why Airbus isn't being relocated to an EU country in order to maintain all the SM and CU advantages.

Lower costs in China are a short term gain.

But, it's a God given chance to steal some top class industry.
For the nth time, Airbus will not transfer wing design and production to China. It'll go to Spain or Germany. They will co-produce in China for Chinese airlines and other asian buyers possibly.
Come on then, display your defence knowledge. Just exactly which huge contracts will they lose and what will be the cost to UK to replace them?

From the article:

"When we look at the next generation of wings - which is called Wing of the Future - we are working on that today in the UK. Clearly now we are seriously considering whether we should continue that development or find alternative solutions.”

Last I heard, the UK government doesn't get to tell business where it will work or whether it will remain in the UK if it isn't profitable enough. How are they going to handle Japan?
I suspect they might not relocate.

Minister warns Airbus it will lose huge defence contracts if it pulls out of UK over Brexit

English translation: move out of the UK and the UK's armed forces will be buying American in the future.

Which is the only language the EU and Airbus will understand. May might be lacking in testicular fortitude, but fortunately other members of the government aren't.

If someone tries to ride roughshod over you in a negotiation, you bite back, not lay down and be trodden over. Bite back and you'll often get offered better terms.

With your forecasting abilities it's time for me to make a bet.

Apart from us wanting to partner French companies you're spot on....

It appears that leaving a political union where we had a say and becoming a US vassal state is a good option for some. I have no idea how their logic works.
Just watching BBC Parliament who have the re run of the Referendum coverage. Well worth watching again just for some of the absence of neck demonstrated in the interviews of talking heads.
I might be unpleasant watching for some posters.....o_O


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Yes, I’m sure the rest of the world will be falling over themselves to do business with U.K. PLC.

After all, our leading Brexiteers have a jolly sharp handle on business, don’t they? ^^

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But he is correct. The vote was to leave the EU, not faff about on trade deals etc. Business did not vote for brexit because business does not have a vote in a democratic society.

Project Fear seems to be losing its impact!
If airbus f*ck off, does that mean we can set up a company producing KC-130Js and C-17s under licence for the RAF?

We'd need a desk in that company to sell of the sh*t Airbus A400Ms...
Your defence procurement, industrial strategy and contract management knowledge matches that of WordMangler and your own constitutional knowledge.
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