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Occam's razor suggests brexit is bollox. So I can see remainer perspectives. But, that is entirely predicated, on the EU never changing in future.
If you then apply the razor again and put brexit NOW versus the EU of the future, would it not be less damaging to leave, when we can ??


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I think remain's argument revolves around it all being too much like hard work in order to leave... And scary. Like p*ss your pants scary. Do remember that scene in gladiator? They are about to enter the provincial arena (filmed at el hem, Tunisia) chained in pairs, one with a sword and the other sporting a shield. Anyway long story short a really hensch, skilled and confident gladiator (we'll call him Leavex) is chained to some craven halfwit (Remainus). Remainis p*sses himself before entering, holds Leavex back before being struck down. Leavex cuts himself loose and uses his chain as a tool to secure his success.
Too much like hard work in order to leave. Do you ever read what you write.

Was there a plan? Some sort of mission statement. We're going to do this, go here and achieve a particular outcome.
What we were going to do was get a batch of sound bites and one major fib which didn't survive the first 24 hours following the referendum.

What seriously worried me as a remainer was the fact that no one seemed to know the difference between a border and a coastline.
And when the Europeans turned up and asked what plans we had for the border they realised very quickly we hadn't any and worse weren't even sure where it was.
'No that's a coastline, we mean the Irish land border. The one you're keen to take back control of'.

The brexiters still hadn't a clue. So the Europeans threw us a bone, offered us a backstop and decided as it wasn't going anywhere we could sort it out in the future.
2 years later, we're still no closer to a solution (well there's the obvious one, but we'll put that off until the bitter end)

The other bit which had me worried was trade, we already had a foreign and really foreign trade set up (through the eu, with the eu and a load of other countries)which we were going to dump.

Then it was announced with bells and whistles that we were going to China. The PM was going to China, we were going to do great things and give the finger to the eu and the rest of the unbelievers.

What did we find, the Germans had been in there for over a decade. We could have done exactly the same thing only we didn't bother our backsides.

It's nothing to do with fear or not being a homoerotic movie fan. It's stupidity I object to.

Wordsmiths still probably predicting Europe as a smoking hole. Surely there's an upside to Brexit.
Share it.
I’ve just ( briefly) unignored baglock s post, to get the full gist of yours.
The amount of unsupported projection is very similar to Cathy Newman on C4.
( just before she was evicerated byJordan Peterson).
Such a profound lack of knowledge combined with utter certainty of what it/ she/ he, thinks is right, is rather sad, but hey most of the EU’s cheerleaders on here ( not all) ,are a strangely unappealing bunch come to think of it.
There one saving grace is it is unlikely any have , or ever will conduct a trade deal. Thank goodness.
"Briefly unignored" <snigger>
Barnier now saying we can't stay in the European Arrest Warrant scheme.

It just seems that they have a timetable pre-planned to announce we can't remain in anything post Brexit.. whats the point of negotiating.

Just tell them to fcuk off, shove their 40 billion quid leaving bill up their hoop and resort to a hard border with the Republic and WTO rules regarding trade.
the EAW isn't the best thing in the world to stay in. It’s not just Eurosceptics who think the European arrest warrant is rotten | Shami Chakrabarti nicely explains how the EU crowbars sh*t legislation through too. By mixing it with 30+ other proposals on a take all or none basis. No cherry picking whilst a member of the EU either it would seem.
As ever you choose to be tendentious.

My (re) posting of the link was in response to a re-emergence of the wailing that such a border could not be done.

My point was that even the EU study says it can.

Not a comment on the political, merely a reminder that trade (in that particular part of the world) need not be overly hampered.

One wonders why the EU are not pushing for their own solution. Maybe that finding in the Ashcroft poll has something to say on the matter.
We haven't offered the EU solution have we? Red lines?
Why.. Surely those other nations around the world we wish to have trade agreememnts with could see we're being shafted and recognise we're standing up for the rights of our citizens.

I thought a negotiation was a 2 way street.. it seems we say to Barnier we propose this idea..he then goes nope you take the EU's idea or fcuk off.
Ah. You appear to have ignored HMG's self-imposed red line regarding the ECJ.

Did you actually know what you were voting for?
dark blue passports seem very important to you remainers. Not sure why you despise national sovereignty. Some sort of chattering class guilt?
They also seem to forget that sovereignty also means responsibility but as I'm finding out at the moment no one seems to want responsibility for anything, but are only to happy to take the money
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