Brexit Handbags


Who are you calling tubby Colonel:party:

Queensberry or duel?

I’ll let you choose weapons as long as they’re not soup related. I bet your dynamite with a soup ladle.
A REME chum of mine was accused of being a bit lardy by a racing snake type teeth arm chappie.

On initial interview the spearchucker said "you are carrying a bit of weight. I don't suppose you do much sport?"

"It depends whether you call playing rugby for Ireland sport" came the reply.
It was nothing of the sort.

You're looking at the past through rose-coloured, time-dilating binoculars.
No not all , it was to me, the machinations of others was merely a distraction, irritating I grant you, but they were flying in the face of reason. Look at it like this.

Juncker and Cameron agree changes to the EU :).....Result no referendum
Juncker and Cameron disagree:(..... Referendum.
Referendum had- result Leave, Neither Cameron nor Juncker Happy. Cameron resigns May takes over:(
Wins GE:)- leave reinforced just:confused:
May tries, Parliament hamstrings her, she resigns
Boris Wins foregone conclusion:) ergo Brexit. All it's done is delayed the inevitable.
Something the Remain types have, quite rightly been saying for some time.

Anyone who pretends it cant possibly go wrong is naive at best...
Sure it may all go pear shaped. If it does we will work it out and succeed. It may take a while, but success will come.
Thankfully, throughout history people have been willing to take chances rather than accept a stale status quo ( While being berated by blinkered fools). Where would we be if they hadn't?



This has triggered some.

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