Brexit Gambles?


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Yep absolutely solid investment if you find a decent one.

If you can’t stretch to an Evo look at early 8v ones or even Delta 4x4s which were the pre integrale rally car.
Apologies, an explanation.

One thing I think most people agree on is that market volatility will probably increase as we approad D-day. Whether assets rise or fall is, in many ways, unpredictable.....but an increase in volatility is more so.

The above description is basically correct, but the puts/calls can be purchased on any asset class (i.e. not just "stocks"). For example, FX options are available through the usual channels. The other difference not mentioned above is that a "strangle" is cheaper than a "straddle", because more volatility is required before the strategy pays out.

I'd spend the £2k on options premiums, buying a call and a put, each 5% away from the spot price (thereby reducing the cost, which means greater potential upside for a given spend). It's called a "strangle"....for some reason. As far as option strategies go, it's very basic.

See How To Profit From Volatility
So, did anybody take a punt?

Volatility has spiked.


So, did anybody take a punt?

Volatility has spiked.
Just accepted a job paying USD - spreading my bets here on CHF, EUR, GBP - CHF being the bulk of my capital!

Not exactly a punt, and not investing as such. Merely reducing my exposure to volatility.
I put a tenner on a no deal Brexit, wasn't drawn strongly to any of the reasoning/advice.

I put a grand in Boeing shares though.
Boeing shares are a good idea. Even if the company tanks a bit more, Trump will make sure they get some (more) big defense contracts in pursuit of MAGA.

I'm also waiting for a no deal Brexit so the pound will devalue. Then I can transfer my EUR savings into sterling.
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