Brexit Endgame

Even with the impending majority facing him this idiot states that Boris doesn't have a majority to leave the EU. It really does beggar belief.
The remainers have had their ‘second referendum’...the election. The country has spoken, lets get on with it now we have a Government, with a majority, whose stated aim is to leave.
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So far, all eyes are on the 31st January 2020 as the next significant date whereby pro-leavers believe we'll be out and pro-remain are sceptical, suggesting negotiations will "take years".
That will depend on the EU

She and other EU27 leaders said their top priority would be to maintain a "level playing field" between the EU and the U.K. — in an effort to prevent economic competition from undermining regulatory standards or putting the bloc at other disadvantages.

"Our goal is we aim at zero tariffs, zero quotas, zero dumping," von der Leyen said at a news conference beside Council President Charles Michel. "This is important for us and this is what we work for."

The sooner that the EU get it into their thick skulls that the dream of keeping the UK in the EU is over, that negotiations are a 2 way street and that they no longer call the shots, things might move a lot faster than many people think.

In 2018 the UK had an overall Trade Deficit with the EU of some -£66 Billion - That does not seem like a very level playing field to me.

The EU are sh!t scared of the UK being successful outside the EU ( for multiple reasons ) and Johnson should hammer that home to them.
More positive UK manufacturing news, awards for technology which the UK continues to be a world leader in many fields.

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It appears premature to close the brexit threads when brexit has not happened and the carnage from this monstrous situation has yet to be realised. That Boris did a smash and grab of 17.4 million potential voters is not the end nor even the start of brexit.


Sun'll still rise and the world will still turn whether I, or anyone else, walks away from a thread on the internet that has only ephemeral value at best.

'Tis True .....and the same will happen if they get thread banned also, twice. :cool:
Boris now has the mandate to do whatever the Hell he likes.

I suggest tell the EU to do one whilst trading on WTO terms and then finalise a whole raft of treaties.

The EU won't like it but they need us more than we need them. Time for some payback.
The EU must surely be rueing the day they dismissed David Cameron's request for some tweaks to the relationship. Look where they are now, the arrogant pecksniffs.
Epic bedwetting from the Guardian this morning. It's my new favourite pass time, logging in to there site, ignoring the begging for funds & going right into the opinion pieces. This morning we have post election opinion;

  1. Its not fair on Ireland
  2. The youth must resist the evil Tories
  3. How the Tories will ignore climate change
  4. The immigration card
  5. How the UK will become a hostile nasty place
  6. Indyref 2 for the sweaties
  7. Wales is plainly anti Tory.

Utterly fcuking deluded. not one so called commentator addressing the failings of Steptoe & his politburo. They are still wallowing in their leftie middle class echo chamber. It makes for good reading though. :D

By contrast Douglas Murray in the mail hits the nail on the head, real people, focusing on real issues that affect their daily lives.

With a significant majority behind them, our current government are now in a key position to finally see this process through.

So far, all eyes are on the 31st January 2020 as the next significant date whereby pro-leavers believe we'll be out and pro-remain are sceptical, suggesting negotiations will "take years".

With just over a month to go, where do you think Boris and his team will succeed? And what do you believe could trip them up in these closing stages, potentially casting further doubt in the minds of the already sceptical?

On the suggestion by @Auld-Yin we shall now close the majority of "what if" threads. By all means if you feel any of the ones I have locked deserve further discussion, send me a PM and we'll see if it has merit.

As someone who has personally had enough of 3½ years of leave/remain same old same old, I cannot help but feel it's time to lay those deep-rooted differences to one side at long last, put aside my own personal loathing for this time of year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New year (you c***s) and hope somehow by this time next year we'll all be in a much more prospective place, the Pound will be worth about 6 Euros / 4 Dollars, and we'll be spending at least two months of the year holidaying in Spain getting smashed on muchas cerveza with our loose change.

Over to you.
Doctor Strange Walt. :)


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When I've said that I'm purposefully stepping away from the thread it's probably a good idea not to quote stuff that makes you look like a 'loooooooooooook at me' prick, yes?
Sounding bitter there Sixty!
Sounding bitter there Sixty!
Very "purposefully"
He came back again.
And again.
And again..
Nothing like having a purpose.


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I’ll get right on that. Sit tight.
Edit. in the same twitterfeed which promised a total rebuttal of the photo of the sick child on the hospital floor.
There was a Telegraph columnist coming back to show how it was staged and therefore false.
It seems that entire thread has disappeared......

edit edit,I did remember to lift this one
Overheard in Morrisons, Grimsby this morning:
'...and maybe we'll get our fishing back'.
There you have it. Brexit lies turned Grimsby blue.
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One of my running club members - a university lecturer - has had to walk away from the internet.

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He gloated when that elderly ex-serviceman was 'milk shaked' in Aldershot, but can't take a bit of gloating back.

Still, I'll leave him in peace with his devastation and Brexit Derangement Syndrome.
Was that the one who had his mate do it, only to have the whole thing shown to be a fib on a shop security camera?

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