Brexit Endgame


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And on a more serious note, here's the problem the EU faces.

The UK has unique links with a number of important global blocs, from the Anglosphere, CANZUK and the CPTPP, to the Commonwealth whose population exceeds 2.4 billion. There is, for instance, palpable enthusiasm in the US for a trade deal with the UK. For the UK, tariff-free access to US goods – including food, clothing and footwear – would see prices fall sharply to world prices. Household bills could drop 20 per cent, benefiting all consumers, many of whom on the lowest incomes voted Conservative in December.
Signing the right type of trade deal could lead to price falls in the shops. Instant popularity for the Tories.

And sharp falls in imports of UK goods in the country.

As the article says.
The EU will also miss a key point for as long as it believes hubristically that it “holds all the cards” in those negotiations. The UK economy is bigger than 18 EU Member States combined. The EU’s net goods exports to the UK are over £94bn. Most of all, if the EU refuses to deal sensibly with the UK, we have plenty of other options, especially if the government starts preparing now.
We are about a fifth of the EU GDP - it we start to engage with the rest of the world because the EU is throwing it's toys out of the pram, it's the EU that's be the long term loser.



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You obviously have no communication with Scottish people old chap.
You seriously think there is going to be a referendum, and then that referendum to produce an Independence result?


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Not a greeny apart from when in uniform, but I'd applaud conservation.
Pay the UK fishermen compo based on filed tax returns, for a year or two. Anyone else can do one.
Then get the Icelanders and Norwegians and Kiwis over to show us how to manage the resource.
Added another sensible fishing nation.
Thank goodness we are leaving. They still don't get it

Their lessons learnt are about as accurate as the Labour Party's post election defeat analysis


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I'm amazed by how unhappy you all are. Brexit is Friday you should be overjoyed at the moment. I can't wait for the 350 million a day to be spent on the NHS. A much-needed boost.
Wrong again, not your day is it?


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The last person to stand up to the UK was Maggie - who hand-bagged the EU into giving us our rebate.

Compare and contrast with Blair - who gave up 1/3 of our rebate for the square root of fornicate all.

The problem has been that politicians elected to Westminster were fundamentally in agreement with the direction the EU was taking - and acquiesced in the gradual erosion of UK sovereignty that resulted.

They were fundamentally out of step with much of the electorate, who eventually made it clear (by voting for UKIP) that no Tory government would be elected without doing something about the EU - hence CMD's offer of a referendum. And when the MP's tried to covertly overturn the result of the referendum, a lot were given their P45's in December.

I suspect MP's will be a lot more circumspect in this parliament - but the arrogance will eventually return, along with the feeling the electorate should be told what's good for them. Then the whole cycle will start again.

(The previous cycle was ended by the expenses scandal, but the arrogance eventually crept back).

Maggie did sign the Single European Act, I think. That's where we should have had a referendum and left sharply.
In the words of PM Boris Johnson, tick tock. As the WAB gets ratified.

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Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about. I'm looking forward to an independent Scotland.
Better tell the SNP to give up their aspirations to be ruled by the EU then


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