Brexit Endgame

There's a linguistic connection, as I said.
I repeat: wunh? I'm still unsure why you felt the need to say that. You believe that it makes a point but I fail to see what that point is.

I don't vaunt the EU since I'm a Eurosceptic.
I see: your defence of the EU and, in particuler, your attitude to the UK leaving the EU over the past 3 years has been nothing but a trolling exercise?

Tim isn't my real name.
I know, though you are referred to in a book concerning BRIXMIS as 'Tim', I believe.
Yes. France and Germany went to war in 1870 (OK, Prussia), 1914 and 1939. Not happened since.

The EEC/EC/EU has been most successful in pushing those boundaries further way. I assume you know that Ukraine and Krajina mean at the margins in Slavonic languages.
You're forgetting that when you push the boundaries away in one direction there's a point at which they won't go further and when the place that you really don't want to have them wants them back there's usually krach. Those are areas of influence broadly agreed in 1945 and that won't go away no matter how you dress it up. Russia is not a democracy and there is no point in saying it's different to Tzarist or communist times and you of all people should know that.

Ukraine as I recall was pretty much railroaded into the USSR in 1922 and Russia wants it back. It is after all the breadbasket of Europe. If you think the EU is actually going to prevent that given it's conflicting attitudes, they've got more chance of being absorbed into Putin's sphere in the long run
Alternatively, without the EU handcuffs, it'll mean that a future (far-left) Labour Government can do a whole raft of things that they couldn't do within the EU.

A ELW Labour Government majority, with some stifling of the Supreme court and a loaded HoL, they can attempt to act out all their school-boy Communist wet dreams they want
Bojo has already started the trend for socialism and renationalised a Northern Rail franchise. Hurrah!


I think they (the remainer's) tried pretty much everything, less having daily executions of Leavers families on College Green until such time as they agreed to reverse Article 50

I'll wager it was mentioned somewhere in a We're better Together meeting
They are still in a complete state of denial and ignorance. Even today, the last day that our MEP's were active, the Remainers voted against the withdrawal agreement apparently incapable of understanding that would lead to an instant no deal exit. (Well. on Friday, for the pedantic).
All Government departments warned off for 5% cuts. The Annual Budget Cycle along with SDSR20 pending.

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And hatred of the working class, that was always there behind their gammon sneering

Witness Emily Thornberry and her Rochester white van man social media posts
You might as well throw in comment on the Remainders having white privilege, by way of supporting an Ethno super state, governed by whites, with a privileged migration system (and other 3 freedoms) for its member states that JUST SO happend to be all white European countries. ;)
Aw bless, big tears and auld Langs in Brussels

were done.....:party:


and rejected by Austin and Morris amongst others who were offered it as war reparations but who’s management said the Beetle would never sell.
It's puzzling that it did, TBH - a friend of mine was an enthusiast but I have to say it was right down there with a Skoda Estelle and a 2CV . In fact, the Skoda was probably better, providing you knew how to use a spanner and was an enthusiast for rustproofing. Of course I'd have a Morris Minor - several still running out here in far Celt land.


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I admire your definition of success. We've had to deploy the British Army in the Baltic, the Ukraine's a mess, Turkey's flirting with Islamic fundamentalism and the EU's completely lost control of population movement in the Mediterranean area. Kindly serve the soup.
If Lobster Bisque is on the menu and Brother BL serves up 500 portions of it, Crusty will sue him for complicity in attempted genocide.

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