Brexit Endgame

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Tell me again why at the last GE you predicted we'd have either a hung parliament or a slight Tory majority.

Show workings out.

I could do with a big of a giggle.
No other party was going to win. I did somewhat under-estimate the number of turkeys voting for Christmas.

Still, financially most rewarding. Thanks for asking.


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Leo is looking for a job as his party has about 22% of the popular vote. Actually he has been following the TB career plan for some time except it might work for him, to a smaller degree. he is a toadying arse licking (not a homophobe comment "honest") Gobshite.
BIFFO was bad but this boy takes the biscuit.
The party of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is trailing its main rival ahead of a general election on Feb. 8, a third consecutive poll showed on Sunday, with data indicating few voters trust it on the key issues of housing and health. The Sunday Business Post/Red C poll showed support for Varadkar’s Fine Gael party had fallen seven percentage points to 23% since its last poll in November while fellow center-right rival Fianna Fail was up two points to 26%.
Looks like Little Leo's hard manning over Brexit didn't impress the electorate, who had other priorities in mind.
While Fine Gael has been praised for its handling of Brexit negotiations and overseeing years of strong economic growth, the poll indicated few voters trust the party on the issues of housing and health which have dominated the campaign so far.
Although I'm puzzled as to why there is a housing crisis when one of the causes of Ireland's downfall in the aftermath of the Lehman crash was the bat shit mental number of houses (far in excess of actual need) that were built in the run up to the crash.

No other party was going to win. I did somewhat under-estimate the number of turkeys voting for Christmas.

Still, financially most rewarding. Thanks for asking.
Lots of folk are finding Brexit financially rewarding.

Ian Stewart, chief economist at Deloitte, said: "The days of sharply falling unemployment are behind us, but a tight labour market points to further gains in wages and spending power.
All these turkeys voting for higher wages.


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You’re wasting your time, direct questions/trying to debate with the soup serving Colonel rarely result in a coherent answer.
He reminds me of one of those dolls you buy children with a ring pull in its back. Pull it and he'll start croaking:
  • "Time will tell"
  • "Wait and see"
  • "Cake and arse party"
  • "Speaker can recall parliament"
  • "Would you like a roll with your soup, Sir?"
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Not exactly a million strong mob of Remainers marching from Felixstowe to Westminster, is it?
If you look at the photo, you'll see substantial mist in the background. Which means from an aircraft crossing the coast at 20,000 feet, it was probably invisible.

Money well spent....

Wordsmith :twisted:
Brussels is demanding that European Union judges have the power to rule on any post-Brexit agreement with the United Kingdom.

An internal Brussels diplomatic document, seen by The Times, reveals that the EU will insist that the European Court of Justice be able to enforce the terms of a trade, fishing and security deal.

Is the ECJ the arbiter in CETA or the latest Japanese FTA ?

And the same to you and your fantasies.

PS. I'm not called John.
So basically you’re in the know, but you’re not. You have contacts but you don’t. You’re retired but your’e not. You believe in change but you don’t , you’re not a Colonel and you’re not called John. The gap’s narrowing......:mrgreen:

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