Brexit Endgame

I'm surprised you expected anything different.

Fair enough, ARRSE is a mixture of serving and ex Percy, Jack & Biggles, orificers and other rankers, cold war warriors, STABS & and alkies (and occasionally all of those rolled into one), never-served civvies and trolls. We come from all sorts of backgrounds - rich, poor or otherwise, from different parts of the UK and some from outwith. We sit along all parts of the political spectrum. We have different creeds, colour and religions or no religion, we are young, old and middle-aged, male, female or self-identify as a toaster, we are straight or gay or part of the alphabet soup collective. We are a microcosm of the UK and our opinions fairly well reflect a range of those across society in general. What unites most of us is our service to queen and country and we'd probably sit down and share a pint and spin a few dits quite sociably.

Having said all that, perhaps the most divisive issue in the country for decades has been Brexit and that hasn't gone away. The issue has not been settled yet, it's still on-going and even after the ink is dry on the independence document the subject will be discussed for years to come.

FFS they are still fighting the Battle of the Boyne and Wars of the Roses. Brexit is just another civil war only a little bit more civil as it was fought using a pen and ballot paper at the ballot box rather than musket, canon, pike and sword.

It's not over yet but will start to quieten down, particularly from the end of the year when the transition period is over. You can be sure of one thing though, the subject will not go away and will be discussed for years to come. Get used to it.
Oh, do fcuk off.
FFS they are still fighting the Battle of the Boyne and Wars of the Roses. Brexit is just another civil war only a little bit more civil as it was fought using memes, milkshakes and a pen and ballot paper at the ballot box rather than musket, canon, pike and sword.
Pro Bono.


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I go out for a couple of hours and you barstewards decide to have some fun!

"EU says Brexit trade deal needs power to fine UK if it breaks rules"

Sounds good to us....where do we sign up......signed; The House of Lords.
The corollary to this is what can we fine them for?

Driving on the wrong side of the road.
Speaking funny lingos.
Eating weird shit (frogs legs? FFS)
Not playing cricket.

The possibilities are endless.

How do they intend to enforce their silly fines?

We could remind them of that 22 miles of oggin that stopped them before - but that would be churlish.
I hope you don't wager large amounts on a regular basis, then.

I voted to Remain, but always just accepted that we're leaving.
Mate, I'm a Forest fan and as such I have little expectation of winning anything, not even a bet. The Brexit result took me by surprise. I've shit out of luck everywhere else. If I win a bottle of wine in a raffle I think all my Christmases have come at once.
Ah yes.
The "We didn't know what we were voting for" trope and "We didn't have enough information to make such a fundamental choice". I recall that discourse being the order of the day, first in 1973/75 and later at the two radically subversive treaties; Maastricht and Lisbon. My, how we enjoyed our preparatory exercises in signing away our sovereignty and political independence.
Just because you were woefully ignorant of European poolitics, don't assume all of us were.
Kipling wrote fiction.
Happy to help.
I'm not going to argue with you about the utility of a vote on the preferred form of Brexit as we clearly fundamentally disagree. I think it would have been better, you most clearly differ.

I like "poolitics" whether by accident or design you have hit on something there. However, again as entertaining as your sarcastic history was I don't think the issue was an ignorance of European politics. I think we were ignorant of our own politics within the UK electorate. Labour for example have been wilfully so and have paid the price for it, the Tories have not but only by chance.

Finally, Kipling wrote lots of things but "If" seems more and more apt to me as time goes on. However my point stands. There will be no freeze frame moment that preserves the glory of Brexit like the end of a Hollywood film on the day. Whether you view it as a triumph or a disaster the next day will dawn and there will be more politics to be argued out and things to be done "with worn out tools". Brexit being delivered won't change that.


Royal Mail set to release stamps to mark Brexit after Boris Johnson stepped in and made request...

What you've done there is confuse 'England and Wales' with 'the United Kingdom'. Those of us in Scotland and Northern Ireland would scoff at your 50:50 assertion.
The million plus Scots who voted Leave, were they all racist bigots too?

Presumably the SNP has successfully erased them?
Yeah for you it is...

I have the moderate this crap :slow:

Well I don't have to but you know...

It's like when people post gash shots in your chubby thread. I mean... Why?

That's not a suggestion by the way. Automatic points for flange, n'est-ce pas?
Cold light of day and all that. You have a thankless task, but FWIW thanks for sticking with it. I do like to go on an occasional rant with some of the moon howlers.

The SAFMT isnt actually my thread. It was just named in my honour. Some on here cant handle a bit of specialist material hence why it was set up. :clap: But I agree, there is no place for Gash shots...
The Lords may be playing silly buggers but it will pass the legislation. If it fails to respect the Salisbury Convention it should expect to receive some major reform before the end of the parliament. Boris would, no doubt, attempt to flood the Lords with new Tory peers to regain a Tory majority in the upper house then look to clip its wings somewhat.
Or relocate it to a tented camp in the North Hebrides with no travel allowances.

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