Brewns Departure speech.......................


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Much the same as Hitlers
I told you to give us 12 years and you wouldn't recognise the country
You lot don't deserve me you know

Pity the outcome won't be the same

I also am not to sure he's on his way out
"Despite suborning the Civil Service, the police, the Boundary Commission, the Acting Returning Officers' Association, destroying the powers of Parliament, introducing Postal Voting, ensuring the 'first past the post' system was heavily weighted in Labour's favour, the use of threats, enlisting the services of the BBC, bribing the Liberal Democrats with promises I had no intention of keeping, the posh over privileged, public school educated 'toffs' still managed to hoodwink so many voters.

I shall now retire to compete with the bastard Blair to see who can earn most money from half-wits who will buy my books and listen to my lectures".

Sadly, this awful man may cling to power thus ensuring the final and total destruction of the nation.
top_soldier said:
He's got to mortgage is on it!!!!!
Would you be interested in renting come May!??

What makes you think you are the only person whose mortgage is on the outcome of this election? :twisted:
"Ha Ha Ha Told you those idiots would fall for it again. Another 5 years in power, Get in!!

This is what I fear may happen and god help you all if it does.
Due to the state of emergency, all democratic process has been put on hold until stability has returned....

edited to add: Another thread killed by Roadki11 :twisted:
Who said that Gordon was going anywhere? Even if he loses (and, unfortunately, it's not a given) he has strongly hinted that he will stay on as Leader of the Opposition and, seeing the dearth of talent surrounding him, it is quite possible that he will get away with it.
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