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Well, is the tea leaf tea leaf dead yet or what?
After having got match fit with my brew drinking, I'm woried that there is a risk of brew fund fraud brewing in the office.

Every month, everyone has to chip in a couple of quid and the same person is tasked with buying tea, coffee and milk. The problem is, the lack of oversight and accountability means that this colleague is regularly walking around with upwards of a cool £50 in his pocket. I'm worried that this guy is stealing some of the cash, or worse, buying fresh milk for himself and palming the rest of us off with disgusting UHT milk.

I'm thinking of asking this so-called brew-meister if different refreshments can be bought with the brew fund just to see what his reaction is. Whats the best way to confirm if this guy is a tea-leaf and taking us all for mugs?
I used to cream our internet account, the exchange rate meant that the prices were all over the place. I was regularly clearing $800 - $1,000 buckshee every month.

Simply fill the cünt in, and take over his 'patch'.


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With the brews, it was actually simple. I shared a office with an arab for some years and we got on really well. He would make a pot of coffee when he got in (Turkish styleee) and it was the same density of mercury when I got in the office. I would drink a couple of cups and would vibrate quietly for an hour or so. Anyone who asked me to work was faced with a pair of bloodshot eyes and a vague growl - "I am checking emails."

The only other occupant of the office was my boss, a lovely woman who drank only decaffeinated tea due to a heart condition. No one would mess with that. Like parking in a disabled spot. I gave her chocolate occasionally. Actually once a month for reasons of self-preservation.

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