Bressor Night vision thigny from 29th Nov

They're crap, get someone to hit you in the eye with a pointy stick and then squirt creme de menth into the open wound, you get the same effect!
I wouldn't mind a night vision thing....just for gadgetry's sake you understand, but I don't think I would buy one from lidl to be honest.
I've had one for a couple of years now. Doesn't work too well without starlight but better than some issue NV kit (I'm going back a good few years mind)

Being a digital scope the image is presented on what looks like a mobile phone/digital compact screen in the eyepiece. Once ajusted for dioptre, objective focus and intensity, they aren't too bad at all. The effective range is very dependant on prevailing conditions, with or without the IR illuminator
Gen ones are crap.

This has always been thus, if the Bresser thingy is just a CCD like a HD cam then I would just get a HD cam as they are just as cheap these days and you can also take actual pictures and shoot footage with them.

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