Brent Delta rig

Are there any Arrsers out on the Brent Delta rig or have been on it? I`m due out there for my first trip on 26th May.

If anyone can possibly help out with a bit of advice on daily life on board, I`d be grateful.
Been on a few of the Brents.

Nothing really to look out for when compared to other rigs. Shell are big on safety so always keep your wits about you ie if their rules say always wear gloves when outside then make sure you do.

When offshore have a craic/mix with the guys and you will get on fine.
Thanks for that. I`ve PM`d you a couple of other questions if you have five minutes to spare.

Thanks again.
Was on there a few years ago and then it was a rusty old bucket of a place even the new accommodation is a few years old !!! Have fun as the crack was good .

What area are you going into ?
Cheers for the reply H.

Not too sure which area exactly at the moment. I`m off to Aberdeen next Sunday for Co induction and then have a meeting with a Shell rep on Monday afternoon. I`m a Bomber by trade, so could be anywhere I guess.

Good to hear about the crack; that can either make or break a tour.
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