Brennan vs Sony Gigajuke. Obsolete CD thread


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I should probably have posted this in the Technology forum but Gamers give me the ******* creeps. Pasty faced spotty cnuts what they are.

Like many people we have a house full of CD's.

1) The dozen or so left next to the Linn system from the last time we had a party or a wife swapping event.
2) My 'cookin choonz' in the kitchen on the shelf above the butchers block.
3) The Stable Tracks. In the stables. For obvious reasons.
4) The stuff that was cluttering up the place which has been chucked into an old cabin trunk in the boot room.
5) My lovely wife's boxed sets of the up-himself fascist racist balding four-eyed dwarf, Eric Clapton. Sadly they have got washed away in the river the last time we had a flood. I almost cried.

The choice is the Brennan at £400

Or the Sony at £300

Unless someone has a better idea?
1) The dozen or so left next to the Linn system from the last time we had a party
Oooh, Linn...

I worked there for just over a year, the best thing to come out of it was my staff purchases... (and a chance to do their custom installers course). Let's just say that there were reasons that it had a high design staff turnover at the height of a recession. There were some perks though, I used to work while listening to my favourite CDs on a £25k player, through a ££k preamp.

If you're able to afford a Linn, you could always buy their Gigajuke equivalent - only four figures or so :)

You could just buy a NAS box, or convert an old PC with a bunch of hard disks, and run everything through your PS3 or Sonos system. Look for the acronyms "DLNA" and "uPnP"; if you've got a wireless network, you'll be able to stream your music to a suitable receiver anywhere within range (any bit of kit where you see "Internet radio" is a good start). There are some uPnP client apps for iPhone/ iPod, you could plug one into a cheap hi-fi's AUX input for a poor man's multiroom system.
Not necessarily better, but certainly cheaper - load all your polka and Val Doonican CD's on to an iPod (just take one off a sailor) and buy a cheap but decent set of PC speakers.

Plug the speaker jack into the iPod headphone socket and away you go.

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