Brennan JB7

I have looked at this device for its benefits of large storage capacity and easy play back access for CDs. It gets mixed reviews as overpriced and relatively poor playback in its simplest form. Please could any more experienced Arrsers suggest viable alternatives with similar ease of access to music or pass on their experience of this product

Many thanks


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you'd be better, IMO, spending the money on a good soundcard and a nice set of speakers for your pc - HK Soundsticks, Creative Gigaworks or if you really want to push the boat out, these - MM-1 - Best PC & Laptop Speaker - Bowers & Wilkins | B&W Speakers

I treated myself to a pair of Gigaworks T40 II's at christmas, and to my ear they sound incredible. if you're set at going down this route, I'd think about splashing a bit more and buying an Arcam Solo Mini and some decent speakers.
I read into the JB7 after seeing it advertised in Private Eye for the past few years, and unless I have completely misunderstood the concept, the most obvious drawback is the lack of internet connection. There is an inbuilt data-base to get information for each CD which has to be updated periodically by purchasing CD from Brennan at £5 a pop.

This seems an expensive pain in the arse by modern standards.

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