Brenda upset by Cyclops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Of course she is unhappy with the cnut.
    She has decency and integrity, how could she not despise the filthy pice of shite that he is? It is a natural reaction for normal people to dislike self serving, corrupt, lying scum
  2. She is quite right to be dismayed with the toad - who isn't?

    Despite being a natural conservative (intentional small 'c') with leanings towards the Tory party, it does irritate me when they get all self righteous about the defence of the Realm: I, for one, will NEVER forgive them for the so called Peace Dividend and Options for Change. Two faced bars tards.
  3. Maybe it's just me but does that photo of Brenda (hyperlink) have the look of "Is that p1ss I can smell?"
  4. Yes, Cyclops chucked onto a number 15 bus, for a constitutional stay at the Tower...I can imagine the lovely scene as the new constable of the Tower introduces himself to his prisoner. "Normally we would keep a prisoner of your rank in these apartments Mr Brown, however the Bloody Tower has just been renovated and it seems a shame to waste it...Breakfast at seven, rack at eight and bilboes from 12-1400 hours. Check out you say? Erm, we don't really do "check-out"...""
  5. I think Her Majesty delegates the safe-keeping of the keys to one of her loyal (New Labour, you will find the definition of 'loyal' in a dictionary) regiments.

    Can you imagine being in a regiment directed to imprison, that is imprison not guard, the swamping oaf? What joy beyond imagination!

    Naturally, The Constable of Her Majesty's Fortress and Tower of London would greet the prisoner in the case of 'The Clown' and the tickets to witness that 'interview' would fetch tens of thousands on the black market - tens of thousands.

    The trouble is that General Sir Richard is such a decent bloke (New Labour, you will find definition of 'decent' in a dictionary) that he would probably curtail the swamping monocular failure's discomfort - sad really because most of us would like to know he suffered, really suffered.

    I shall dream on.

    PS: NOT the Number 15 - a ride on a tumbrill would be much more in keeping with the occasion - it may be declared a National Holiday. In addition none of this 'slipping in' through Traitors' Gate either. We, the ruined ones, want to see the humiliation of this awful, awful man.
  6. I volunteer to be Guard Commander...
  7. Whet?Sven or Ashie will be along in a minute saying it is not true
  8. They can join the fat and useless lump in the tumbrill. They will NOT be interviewed by Her Majesty's Constable, they will be handed over to the Guard Commander immediately upon arrival.
  9. I wanna come out of retirement and apply for the job of jailer to the cnut. Bread and water Mr Brown oops sorry should be prisoner fuckwit. Stale bread and stagnant water for you cyclops.