Bren LMG Aiming

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by pull_through, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Probably best suited to the old and Bold - but how did one go about aiming the Bren LMG, since the magazine was above the barrel and hence obscuring the target from the shooter?

  2. The sights are on the side.

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  3. 1)point in rough direction
    2)squeeze trigger until mag empty
    3)lift head up to see if target hit OR

    use the slightly offset sights fitted
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  4. [no wah]the sights were offset to the left[/no wah]
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  5. It was eventually converted to the mighty (praise be the SLR) 7.62 round, so, all you had to do was wave it at the enemy and they ran away. Job done. :)
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  6. Because of the overhead magazine, the sight line is offset to the left, and the front sight is mounted on a base which protrudes upward and to the left from the gas block.


    Edit to add: Nice pic from CQMS
  7. was 3 years into rct service before i even SAW a gpmg-lmg brings back memories-along with charlie gs the most unpopular item given to any driver!! couldnt wait to be a section commander and get gods gift of the small metal gun !!
  8. As a Trucker in the 1970's (RCT) I wondered why a platoon weapon such as the LMG, even needed sights, as given its mission to spray the enemy with enough brass-wear to keep there heads down, in theory all you had to do was point the thing in the eright direction. At the time we used to use the LMG just like any other weapon that we trained on [SLR, SMG, Browning 9mm, Carl Gustaf] at the ranges single shot.
    Later on I was told that the only weapon that is used on automatic was the GMPG, as the British Army had to make each round count due to cost. Back then for a corps man, our annual entitlement to rounds was limited to 5 for the annual shooting test.

    So on range day, the LMG was set to single shot and that was it.

    Later on at an Air Gunner course at Mannobeer [sorry about the spelling] in Wales, we used a lot more ammo to shoot at the windsock, but only in bursts of 3.
  10. + did you ever try getting out of a stally cupola with a lmg-at night- piss wet through- in a german forest with overhanging pine trees and camo nets to contend with--fcking nightmare !!
  11. And completely unsuited to singing 'die mother fcuka, die' to.
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  12. Interestingly the Aussie F1 SMG had the same problem with a top-mounted mag, but that was aimed to the right of the mag:

  13. Not at all- just swivel the handle round into AA mode and fire from the hip (" like a hose..." If I recall the manual correctly) - job done

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  14. Apparently the magazine is actually on the bottom, but being used in Australia it is of course upside down.
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