Heading down to Brecon next week, for a TA Skillies course....

Whats the accomodation like, and what items would anyone recommend I take, apart from the usual kit......


Ray Mears...
make sure you check out the indian restaurant on the one way loop. has the distinction of being the absolute worst i have ever encountered! truly fawlty towers-esque in its awfulness. wrong food, wrong bill, food in someones lap, rude staff, slow service, you name it. and this was all in just one meal. but take a sense of humour and you can laugh at it all!

mind you this was in 2000; if it has changed hands since then, apologies to the new owners!!!
Accommodation is rank dependent. Generally 32 man blocks with a separate 4 bed bit for NCOs.

Take a duvet and sheets, a 4 way plug adaptor (there is only one socket per hut), flip flops, a padlock (and a car preferably).
what course r u doing, accommodation for ncos not bad seen better, if ure there for ptc forget if as u will not be in the block for long at all,take laminator hole punch loads of pens +sense of humor
Brecon has 4 man rooms with Duvet supplied( ooh how fancy. Bloody army's gone soft 8O ). for SAA (TA) expect to do a lot of evening work, also they expect you to work up untill luch on the middle sat :cry: . If you can take a laptop and printer, It's a bonus for all the lesson plans you will be making.

Oh! and take nurofen and dioralyte for the Hangovers.. :twisted:

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