Brecon PTC 2006 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by onepipwonder4ever, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. So apart from D range....what did people write (or want to write) and that wasted half hour filling out eval forms?
  2. cant remember, i got my civvie head on as soon as my car was out side the gate & on the a40 home
  3. Why do you think the eval form a waste of time?

    Because you have better things to do than provide feedback, or do you think it will be ignored?
  4. Didnt put anything special down apart from only being issued with rifles and LSW's and not getting LMG/UGL etc in the sections. Other than that thought it was cracking course overall.

  5. I wish I'd turned up with more laminating sheets!

    And passage of information from higher means to the course duty student was 'interesting', it would have been nice not to have had "Everyone to FH NOW" when that sort of thing could have been passed down sooner!!!

    But twas a good course I feel, I know I learnt a lot! - And as a bonus I got home without falling asleep at the wheel!
  6. Have to agree with you DFL

    i enjoyed the course a great deal, also learnt far more than from my own unit, so much so my head is swimming with numonics :(


    you should have popped round to Room 4 in Sterling, i had sh1t loads of laminating sheets left over.
  7. ok - the eval may have been useful, I guess I was just irritated by the get to FH NOW that preceeded it!