Brecon Kit List?

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A while ago, i found the kit list made by Infantry Battle School Brecon. It gave what was to be carried on their courses in different situations, eg Webbing, Assault order (1 jetpack) etc. and what was contained in each of these arrangements.

I found it was a really good kit list, but i leant it to a fellow cadet and never got all the pages back. I was wondering if anyone had one from a course at Brecon they had been on? I think it was the SCBC one, though any would do for me...

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1. The following kit list is the equipment that you as a student will be required to carry during the course. Your squad instructor during his opening brief will cover the kit and equipment in detail. If you have any problems with kit see your squad instructor or duty student ASAP. (All items where possible need to be waterproofed and attached).

Command Kit

2. During the course, comd kit is to be carried by commanders or as directed by your squad instructors. Prismatic attached to webbing, Binos on body, 349 radio attached to body or webbing. Orders/TAM Part 1 to be carried on the man or in the webbing, TAM Part 2 to be carried in jetpacks.


Note Book & Pencil
Silva Compass
Cards (issued by DS)
Lumo/Chinagraph Blue/Green/Red/Black
Map & Map Case
Ear Defenders
Cam Cream
Field Dressing carried in bottom left pocket
Gloves (or in webbing)
Torch (Small)


Ammo Pouches
Grenades (to be carried separately from magazines)
Rifle Cleaning Kit Complete
Bayonet & Scabbard (fitted correctly to right/left side & NOT across the back of the webbing)
Water Bottle & Puritabs
Plastic/Metal mug
Model Kit 1 per fire team or as directed by DS (can be carried in jetpacks)
Issued Mess Tin & Hexi Cooker
24Hr Rations inc Brew Kit
Spoon (or KFS)
Green Cord 30m (can be carried in jetpacks)
Torch (spare batteries & filters)
Individual First Aid Kit

Issued Jetpacks

Section Equipment (as issued by DS)
Warm Clothing
Spare Socks & Foot Powder
Arc Sticks (can be carried in webbing)
Entrenching Tool


Poncho prepared
Sleeping System
Washing & Shaving Kit
Waterbottles (x 2)
Shovel or Pick
Spare Clothing

NBC Equipment

Threat Dependant and will be carried in jetpacks or bergan

This isn't off armynet, this was "borrowed" from a cadet instructor. Its the senior tactics kit list from Brecon a fair few years ago, so a few bits like the 349 is out of date but I've sure you can adapt.
That is the actual one, like I said from senior tactics 1999. Though there is a later one out obviously.

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