Brecon Boys (wtf)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ernie, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Saw in Daily mirror on monday SAS ans SBS plus The Brecon Boys " a secret unit" even scarier than the other two I suppose, are to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. Who the **** are the Brecon Boys :?:
  2. Are they getting mixed up with the new Ranger units?
  3. Oh no! Will the horror never end? They're surely not going to unleash the locals from the Drovers' Arms are they?
  4. Perhaps they mean that highly secretive and deadly formation called 160 (Wales) Bde! (Secretive because no one knows what they do all day)
  5. I know what they do - but I can't tell you, cos its secret......look you.
  6. Experts in camming up like sheep I suppose?
  7. Here's a link from the mirror

  8. I could tell you. But then I'd have to kill you.
    I don't often read tabloid papers - except for the Daily Ranger - but is'nt this the same paper that printed THOSE photos?
    If you have to choose between a comic book and a tabloid newspaper, pick the comic book: the comic book does'nt insult your intelligence by pretending it's true.
  9. Read it properly. It refers to the SAS as the Brecon Boys.
  10. Read it again ,no it does not. It refers to specially trained infantry soldier

    I would cut n paste but can't from that page
  11. Do you think they mean the Range Wardens on SENTA? I can see why they might be thought of as elite:

    1. Speak unique language - ideal for self-encryption.

    2. All have quad bikes - extremely mobile.

    3. Have seen every Infantry and SF Unit in the Army on exercise - know their stuff.

    4. Live in Wales - used to putting up with primitive conditions.

    5. Make a mean brew- probably have high morale.

    6. Used to clearing up dead sheep - not likely to be scared of a bit of blood.

    I could go on...
  12. I just wonder where all these SF are gonna come from with everybody sacking it in favour of lucrative civvy jobs in CP and FAS taking its toll?