Brecon Becons

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Lewis, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Me and 2 other lads of here are wanting to go to the beacons can anyone help with a Kit list etc?
  2. Also can anyone suggest any good routes?
  3. Going to the Brecons? I'd suggest waterproofs.
  4. yer take a camper van the weather there is s*** at this time of the year, then sit in the White Hart in front of the fire and make up stories to tell on your return
  5. We have got to do the Pen-y-fan.
  6. map
    GPS (spare batteries)
    warm kit
    good boots
    scoff (simple carbs)
    mobile phone

    Too much kit and you won't find it enjoyable unless you're fit. The above will suffice for a days walk. As for routes; get a map and work one out which is within your comfort zone!
  7. If you do the Van go from the south it's a much better rout up to the Cribin gap, you can park at nuedd or go along the ridge from torpantddu which is the rout the sas do in selection but the Cribi n is the easest
  8. Check these out Walkies
    Then have a look at their home page. Been reading the mag for years.

  9. We will have to chip in for a GPS haha
  10. BE affeard be very affeard, on average 7 people die on the becon every year
  11. Whats affeard We will be carefull i might be getting a Ex-Para to come a long and he faught in the Falklands so im sure he can help us with Tabbing!
  12. I'm sure Neuadd is to the NE of the Fan.
  13. Unless you mean the Neuadd reservoir.
  14. nuedd is a resovior to the SE of the van, you walk up a roman road to the cribe gap then the path contours the crib up to the trig point on the van , it is a better rout than goinu from storey arms, not as steep, for old gits like me
  15. From the atrocious spelling on here, I am a bit concerned as to the age and preparedness of the group intending to go...

    I run an adventure business in the Beacons, and would be happy to give you some free advice on interesting places to see ... but really I need to know how fit you are, how old and experienced you are, how long you are in the Beacons and what you want to get from your experiences