breating test

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by vidal, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. afternoon all
    just a quick question, has anyone had a spirometry test and how its measured
    cheers all
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    It's a measure of lung capacity (basically, i'm sure some medic type will correct me). Basically, take a deep breath, blow into machine to empty lungs..
    Searching for "spirometry" on google would tell you all this.

  3. Is this the test they give ashma sufferers ?

    Its a tube with a disk inside and a meter on the outside, you blow and it show the max lung capacity ?

    Yes I know I can't spell asma
  4. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    It sounds like you're describing a peak flow meter, so no, it's not the same. As the name suggests, it doesn't measure capacity.
  5. cheers guys didnt no if anyone has had it done but thanks for replies
  6. It's based on the peak flow test; basically they have you run for 5-10min and then take several peak flow readings over time.

    Basically what they're looking for (I think) is as constant a reading as possible - i.e. your lungs work just as well after 1 minute as after 10.
  7. It's all explained here mate.

    And you're fcuked if you've got to do one of them while running I can tell you!

  8. I had a breating test once. I was really out of breat for ages afterwards and the nice lady offered to stroke my breat until I recovered.