Breathing techniques whilst running

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RetroMozza, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    Why is breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth so important whilst running??

    I've never done it, but wondering whether or not it will help me?

    I always assumed that the more oxygen you get in, the better you breathe..
  2. I always thought it was just a good way to minimise inhaling previously-exhaled carbon-dioxide, thus ensuring a good supply of fresh oxygen. I could be talking bollocks again though.
  3. ...less chance of swallowing a fly (or worse) when running yer arrse off :D
  4. breathing in through the nose warms the air going into the lungs and filters all the nasties.
  5. Bollocks... I don't believe that for a second

    The others were obviously bollocks, but I have a feeling you were trying to pass that off as geniune!!
  6. Considering you are asking for advice on fucking breathing I wouldn't be so dismissive if I was you.
  7. There is a technique to increase the amount of air you take in. I learned in drama classes, but it is taught to singers as well. Assuming you can still contact him/her, perhaps your old music teacher might assist for free. It helps with bellowing out orders on the ranges too. :D
  8. It's not important. It's just another attempt to "technicalise" running techniques.

    What breathing through the nose does is filter the air (through the hairs up yer schnozz) and warm it by dint of the blood vessels lying close to the skin surface (which is why yer schnozz bleeds so easily).

    However, at the rate you breathe while running, these two natural functions of the nose are largely negated by the sheer volume of air you require. Having said that, you might try practising breathing through yer schnozz AND yer gob simultaneously. It's amazing how quickly you can perfect this and it gets even more air into your lungs. Don't worry too much about breathing in impurities. If your lungs are functioning well, the cillia (small hairs in the bronchial tubes) will move it all back out and you can golly it on the deck at regular invervals.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Ta for the advice... Sounds to me like I'm better off breathing in and out of my mouth.. the advantage of getting more air into my lungs far outweighs the disadvantage of breathing in fumes etc...

    My runtime is okay at the minute, I just wondering if for some reason it helped you keep breath for longer.. :)
  10. I was told once by a pti to breathe out completely, so you have nothing left in your lungs, and you automatically breathe in deeper. Don't know hw effective it is though