Breathing Problems

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jubbles, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. When I run and particularly after sprinting my breathing is very heavy and raspy even though fitness wise i very fit.

    It feels as though my throat is swelling up and constricitng the airflow, I have no idea why this would happen as people who I am far fitter than do not have this problem, the rasping goes away if I consciously think about deep slow breaths but no one else has to do that

    I do not smoke, live with smokers, I live in the countryside in clean air and i do not have asthma

    any idea what this could be? Someone suggested an allergic reaction but if so why arnt my eyes running etc this is a real problem for me as when I go for selection I will look shit if im running with or infront of the group rasping and wheezing.

    oh and my nose is always blocked if that is of any use.
  2. one side is always blocked, have tried just about every type of unblocker like those spray up your nose ones and the chewing gum etc etc

    all that happens is everything goes runny and it stays swollen and blocked. I can breathe through one side though
  3. See above ;)
  4. am doing so, just wondering if anyone knows the cause
  5. Do you have a pea stuck up there?
  6. Go and make an appointment with your GP/Med Officer

    ENT sounds a good route as mentioned.

    Do you have a "wonky" nose? Some folk's nasal passages can be different "sizes". When did this start. do you recover quickly?

    Do you suffer from sinusitis or have any other underlying history or family history.
  7. I have the same problem, haven't been to the doctors incase it's something that will mess up my Military career. Only been for the past 12 months, in that time I've moved in with smokers, nose constantly runs etc.

    From what I can work out, your rasping and that is because you go to sleep with snot constantly running down your throat/airway whatever (theres a medical term for it, dripping nose syndrome or something) and settles on your lungs. When I do any hard phys it's 50/50 whether the breathing difficulties will crop up, when they do I use my missus's astma inhaler and within about 2 minutes I'm coughing large wads of phlegm up and feel perfectly fine, as I say it's 50/50 whether it will crop up or not, I can do an 8 miler and be fine, the next day i could do the same run and it happens.

    Best advice I suppose would be to speak to your GP?
  8. As a note the smoker I live with farked off for a 2 weeks holiday, I aired the house out and got rid of the ash trays and the problem significantly reduced.
  9. no pea just 4 pencils, a crayon, two bits of lego and an action man

    :p ahh the joys of childhood curiosity
  10. my nose has been broken a couple times, and is a bit bent

    no family history

    throat swelling occurs in dry conditions when snot is not runny, nose remains swollen and blocked
    and by dry i mean in the namibian desert, not british brief flash of sunshine to dry up the rain fall
  11. In that case it looks like you will have to continue blowing out of your arrse :D
  12. I have had broken noses and surgery to correct it, i still have problems breathing with it!! But i dont suffer snotty noses and i dont suffer breathing problems when i run (the mouth is a useful tool :D ). So i would say sinus issues, and you can have them flushed out but i have heard that it is not a pleasant experience.